Jul 27 2014 1:35pm

Benedict Cumberbatch Goes Full Smaug at San Diego Comic-Con!

Benedict Cumberbatch Smaug SDCC

You may have heard that a fan at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con’s Hobbit panel asked Benedict Cumberbatch for a favor. She wanted him to say “Button Lady” in his Smaug voice.

And Mr. Cumberbatch, being a lovely sort of chap, did so.

We wonder if asking favors of dragons is an entirely wise idea...?

2. AJGrayTay
He does seem like a lovely sort of chap, doesn't he?
3. June6
Just another example why his fans love Benedict . He is So considerate,
so disarming and so generous with his talents. May this star continue to rise.

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