Jun 23 2014 2:45pm

You Can Make a Life-Sized Owl from a Single Copy of The Way of Kings

Way of Kings owl sculpture

When you see a Tor Books editor—like, say, Marco Palmieri—holding a mass market copy of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings, you don’t think too much about it. Oh, he’s probably going to read it on the train, catch up on some Stormlight Archive...

Or maybe his oldest son Jeremy Palmieri is going to make an awesome life-sized owl out of it for his high school art show! As you can see, young Jeremy’s avian of prose easily soars above its peers, UNBLINKING. Great job, Jeremy! (And thanks for sharing the pic, Marco!)

Paul Rando
1. SerDragonReborn
Beautiful. Awe-inspiring...strangely terrifying. Kind of like the book from whence it emerged.
Stefan Raets
3. Stefan
Okay, that is just amazing. And yes, @2 - instructional video please!
Irene Gallo
4. Irene

Suddenly my High School art career seems so underwhelming.
Yagiz Erkan
5. yagiz
Ah well... I had been proud of the origami owl that I made for my son... until now...
7. Orcaman
Like a boss. Like a f***ing boss.
8. Kilumanjaro
Probably didn't even use half the book... Why stop at one?

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