May 9 2014 11:20am

Marvel’s Agent Carter Picked Up by ABC!

Agent Carter

You should have known you hadn’t seen the last of Peggy Carter.

Marvel and star Hayley Atwell have confirmed that the spin-off Agent Carter has been picked up for a straight-to-series run by ABC. Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. has also been picked up for its second season, and the two are expected to compliment each other going forward. More info below!

The foundations for Peggy Carter’s spin-off were laid in a Marvel one-shot that was screened at San Diego Comic Con and available as a DVD extra:

In it, we see the very beginnings of SHIELD and Agent Carter’s inability to settle into a steno pool life after working in the big leagues during the war.

Dominic Cooper is confirmed to reprise his role as Howard Stark, so we’ll be seeing more of him as well! What’s more exciting is that the show will be headed up by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas (who are also responsible for Resurrection and Reaper). So that’s a show about one fantastic female protagonist being handled by two female showrunners who already have some great work to their names. We’re starting to get excited about this one.

It is expected that Agent Carter will be a bridge show, one that runs during the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hiatus, likely having 10-13 episodes per season. While that doesn’t allow us the opportunity to see Peggy Carter in action throughout your average television season, it does mean we can likely expect some tighter plotting from the show, and a more arc-based format rather than episodic. Which all sounds excellent. Come at us, Peggy—we miss you.

News via The Hollywood Reporter

1. refe
Hopefully this means we'll get some vintage Howling Comandos gadgetry. Triplett's grandfather would be an easy tie in between the two shows.
Brian Haughwout
6. bhaughwout
In an age of American TV series increasingly following the British model, it's fascinating to watch ABC -- first with Once Upon A Time/Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and now next season with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D/Agent Carter -- solve the skip-week/repeat issue by instead building into the same continuity a second shorter spun-off series to air during the main "break" (such that two separate units of cast and crew can create a total of 30-35 episodes per year) that play off each other for the same viewers. It's actually a brilliant idea that makes total sense, especially coming from a company like Marvel that works in interlocking serial storytelling. As with any "crossover," however (and as has been the case with the MCU films), the fine balance will be making two stand independently while still playing off each other as a whole from the viewer who watches both as an integrated packaged.

I'm excited to see MAoS back, given how the show's improved dramatically since The Winter Soldier -- and I'm looking forward to seeing what next week's finale leaves the status quo in for what we now now to e a second season. That we won't have the same long weeks off with nothing, thanks to Agent Carter, really excites me for the flow of the show to come.

Speaking of the new show, I'm looking forward to it both for it's own sake and for the role it's bound to play in setting up things: that Paul Bettany's already spoken of "World War II scenes" that he's been involved with in Age of Ultron flashes me back to that blonde Phineas Horton synthezoid at the Stark Expo with Howard in The First Avenger, and makes me wonder how much set up we might see serriptously amongst the usual period butt-kicking (and if talk by cast that the third Captain America could involve "1950's Cap," where else would that character develop?).

None of this is disavow that half the fun of an Agent Carter IS Agent Carter herself -- I'm looking forward to seeing Atwell at the lead, after enjoying so much her take on the character in The First Avenger and the crazy relationship that she had with Steve (MCU Steve remains my favorite movie character ever -- his particularly lack of a skill set with women, better even than my own, is an endearing part of what I like so much about him). Seeing this many extra hours of her interactions with Howard Stark, Dum Dum, and the other Howling Commandos -- all while fighting off threats to liberty and building the Modern National Security State, should be a Blast!

(Also, between this and the Netflix Defenders set, you get more "nodes" to build off in constructing the 'cinematic' universe, which has until now seemed more centralized as it was really built off of Tony Stark and Nick Fury)
7. Ryamano
I like the premise of the show, but I thought Reaper got bad very quickly, let's hope this doesn't happen this time.
Alan Brown
8. AlanBrown
This is great news, 39 hours of SHIELD shows will appear next year (13 eps proto-SHIELD Agent Carter and 26 eps Agents of SHIELD).
There are so many fun things they could do with these shows! Now that Agents of SHIELD has perked up, I have high hopes.
And a woman has the lead in a comic book drama--Wonder Woman must be envious.
Little known Hayley Atwell fact: She is a Doctor Who alumni, having provided voice to a character in the 8th Doctor radio drama Blood of the Daleks.

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