May 6 2014 10:05am

This Extended Gotham Trailer Gets to the Heart of Batman’s Origin Story

This extended Gotham trailer is fantastic! Not content to simply introduce us to the Rogues Gallery, the trailer also features the murder of young Bruce Wayne’s parents, grounding the show in a boy’s grief and confusion, and the immediate bond that springs up between him and Jim Gordon. We were already pretty excited for this one, but this clip has exceeded all of our expectations! And in excellent news, Fox must agree: they just picked the show up for a full season!

Dr. Batman
1. Dr. Batman
I want so much to like it............I just can't see it being good if Batman is this young! Maybe if after Season One it jumps ahead a few years?
Sky Thibedeau
2. SkylarkThibedeau
It's going to be on FOX not CW so I'm expecting to love it then cry when its cancelled for no reason after 13 episodes.
Christopher Bennett
3. ChristopherLBennett
@1: Well, this isn't nominally a show about Bruce Wayne -- it's a show about James Gordon and the people around him in his life, one of whom is the young son of the couple whose murder he's investigating. I mean, child labor laws alone mean that young Bruce will have to have less screen time than the adult characters. So the show probably won't focus as much on him as the trailer suggests.
Dr. Batman
4. Dr. Batman
@CLB I agree, I think Gordon will be our protagonist, and the actor looks to be a great fit for that. Actually, based on this preview, all of the actors look solid and I really hope it ends up being one of my favorite shows. However, I'm concerned that a show about Gotham that doesn't involve Batman has a short lifespan unless he can at least start doing things that Gordon has to investigate. I'm ok with him being peripheral, but a 10 year old probably wouldn't be an effective vigilante for a few years. Then again there is Robin so who knows!
Zayne Forehand
5. ShiningArmor
@2 Don't forget they'll also air it out of order and then be baffled when people can't follow the story and character arcs.

My guess is they'll air the pilot last so that the big end to the series is Bruce's parents' death.
Dr. Batman
7. Jarvisimo
Who is John Doman playing, do you think? I didn't see him on either the wikipedia or the IMDB entry for the show - is he uncredited? He seems to be playing someone major (if perhaps shortly thereafter to die).
Dr. Batman
8. Ba?Ba?
@5 they'll be baffled there are people still following the story. I believe Fox is doing those things on purpose. For some reason they just hate sci-fi fans.
Dr. Batman
9. Tombstone
The show looks great.

One problem I see with the on screen DC Universe titles is that there is a lack of one central universe, like Marvel has done with the MCU. The show can provide interesting epidoes all day long, but without ties to the other on screen DC titles, is it really worth it?
Christopher Bennett
10. ChristopherLBennett
@9: Most TV shows are not parts of larger extended universes; does that make them any less "worth it"?

Anyway, there is a bit of a shared universe emerging on The CW, with Arrow about to spin off The Flash. And of course Warner Bros. is attempting to launch an MCU-style film franchise with Superman vs. Batman and Justice League, though it probably won't share continuity with any of the TV shows.
Dr. Batman
11. schuy
I am so looking forward to this seres. It looks like it will be very enjoyable and it is about time for a live action Batman series.

I wrote a Batman article recently if anyone is interested -


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