May 9 2014 12:45pm

Nothing Can Prepare You for the Horror of Frozen!

Frozen Elsa Horror recut trailer

Were you tricked into believing that Frozen was a heartwarming tale of sisterly love and acceptance? Because is turns out that it works far better as a vehicle for sheer, icy terror.

Self-described “movie freak” Bobby Burns expertly tweaked the film for this horror movie recut, leeching out the color and adding a chilling (sorry) score that gives the whole thing a rather sinister edge.


And if that wasn’t creepy enough, this rewrite of “Will you Help me Build a Snowman,” by Mary Medley (which builds on Alisha L’s earlier homicidal rendition) gives Elsa and Anna’s parents the ending they probably deserved.

Daniel Goss
1. Beren
Yeah, that trailer? Might have gotten me to see the movie sooner. The only one I saw before being dragged to it by my kids was the one with the snowman and reindeer fighting over a carrot on a frozen lake. That made it look so mind-numbingly stupid that I avoided it for three months.
Sky Thibedeau
2. SkylarkThibedeau
Arrakis, Unfrozen Planet.

A worm moves over the sands tonight
Fremen riding on its back
I rule over this desert kingdom
I'm the kwisatz haderach

Hear the Great Houses howling, the Navigators cry
They know Maud'dib controls the spice and without it they will die.

Let it Flow Let it Flow
Let the Spice flow near and Far
Let it flow Let it flow
We've whipped the Sardaukar

I don't care
What the Sisters say
I control the Spice
The heat never bothered me anyway
Robert Dickinson
3. ChocolateRob
Be sure to hit the link on the second video for the sequel song 'Let them run'.
4. AwesomeAud
At the end of the movie, Anna tells Kristof that Elsa has named him "Ice Master of Arandale". Um....with Elsa around, why would Arandale need an Ice Master?
5. Narvi
Of course Frozen is a horror movie. The story of the rise of a sorceror Queen who needs not food or warmth, and crushes those who oppose her in a gale of ice and snow, her enemies destroyed under the wrath of giant white marshmallow creatures.

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