Apr 1 2014 2:09pm

Brandon Reveals a Deleted Viewpoint Character From Words of Radiance

Well, this woud have been an interesting path for Brandon Sanderson's work. Apparently, one draft of the epic included a point-of-view interlude from a highly verbose inanimate object, a stick. The stick contemplates its stickness, questions its role in life, and finally comes to terms with its life in Roshar:

I am a stick.
I am a stick.
I am a stick.

While we can understand why Sanderson ultimately abandoned this character, we still applaud his decision to try such a bold voice. Rather than focusing on a sword, a wizard's staff, or even a tree branch, taking us behind the eyes of an anonymous stick gives us a whole new view on the world. Read the full excerpt here!

1. alwaysastick
This wasn't any anonymous stick, was it? I think this was the stick that was so confident in its stick-ness that it absolutely refused to change when Shallan so politely requested it to change to fire.
It is a stick. And that's that.
Fake Name
2. ThePendragon
I think it's all misdirection, clearly it is not a stick, it is a twig.
Paul Keelan
3. noblehunter
We need a dramatic reading of this chapter.
4. bookworm1398
Rather a self absorbed character.
Adam S.
@1 I agree, I think we've seen this stick in the released version. Not sure why he got his own section in the original book, but at least we understand some of the difficulties Shallan faces in trying to figure out how to soulcast (at least until Jasnah shows up).
@3 I totally want to hear James Earl Jones do it.
6. Muswell
I am a stick, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.
7. mutantalbinocrocodile
@5, why are you making such sexist assumptions?? Are we sure that Meryl Streep or Dame Judi Dench shouldn't read the audio version? :p
Rob Munnelly
9. RobMRobM
Remarkably similar in content to Kaladin chapters. Dalinar's as well. (And the dude from Elantris as well.) Love the tonal shift and recovery mid-excerpt. Brilliant work.
10. Freelancer
This is really the best you've got, Tor?

I seem to be saying that repeatedly today.

Having been merged under a larger Dutch firm last year, our company website featured a prominent safety policy change announcement that, effective today, all safety shoes would no longer be steel-toed, but wooden clogs.
11. miriam12
I can't believe this section didn't make it into the book. How is this more important than the interludes of, say, Lift or Eshonai? In just four words, Sanderson sheds light on the powerful ethos and deeply misunderstood character of the stick. The stick rejects the heteronormative stereotypes that govern every aspect of our world, eschewing all nominal gender roles in favor of "stick." The epistemological narrative structure of the stick's soliloquey reifies its status both as an object ex nihilo and in of itself, a thinking, identifiable being. If Descartes' 'Cotigo Ergo Sum' is to be taken as truth, then implications abound vis-a-vis Shallan's attempts to simultaneously reject the stick's inherent individuality and to force the stick to conform to her narrow, ironically patriarchal world view.
Richard Caywood
12. rcaywood
I don't know, I found this character a little too wooden for me.

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