Apr 9 2014 3:00pm

If the Hound Demands Chicken, Give Him Chicken!

Game of Thrones-KFC Meal Deal

Game of Thrones has turned to some innovative tie-in promotions! George R.R. Martin shared Jimmy Kimmel's GoT/KFC commercial spoof on Not A Blog.

GRRM is quick to point out that there is no actual sponsorship deal, though, as “the Hound prefers Popeyes. But not the spicy. He's afraid of fire.”

Well played, sir.

1. DougL
Ya, that was pretty funny, but also sad if you are fan of the books for how wonky they have made Arya's story for no discernable reason.
Heather Weaver
2. geeky247
That was such a funny line, especially when quoted out of context! Mmmmmm. Chicken. :-)
John Hatteberg
3. Oronis
@1 How's the story wonky in the TV show? I read the books a long time ago, so I don't remember much.
4. Jesslyn H
I hated how wonky both Arya and Tyrion's (really?!) storylines got in the books. I much prefer the tiny bits I saw so far this season.

But I really had to laugh at the chicken lines during the opener. They were hilarious.
5. DougL
@3. Oronis

Well, let's see, in the books, related to just this scene, she killed the Tickler and yelled at him all the questions he used to ask the villagers as he tortued them to death in a voyage Arya experienced in the books but not the show.

In the show Arya had Jaquen kill the Tickler at Harrenhall. That makes no sense, but also when she escaped Harrenhall, she killed a guard (not in the show). In the show they melded the Weasel Soup incident and her escape from Harrenhall. In the manner they did it on the show Arya lost, well, at least one kill, plus the patriotic nature of the weasel soup incident. She came up with the plan to free the Northmen captives. Later she served Bolton (in the show she served Tywin, which was fun, so that's okay), and fled when she realized he was not taking her North but leaving her at the castle with Hoat. She had her first measured kill there.

1) The stable boy was fear and self defence

2) Anybody she helped kill or kill when Lorch came to grab her and Gendry - Self Defence

3)Weasel Soup, I can't actually recall if she killed anyone, but she definitely caused a lot of people to die, the show got that right anyway.

4) Then the Harrenhall guard, measured, planned, calculated

At the inn she killed Poliver who had taken Needle from her when her, Gendry, Hot Pie and the short lived Lommy were captured. The Lommy thing is important later in the books, but not in the show. Basically a lot of changes made for reasons I can't understand. They just used the screen time differently. Don't get me started on when she finally found the Brothers Without Banners, the screwed the pooch on that one big time.

Uhh, ya, so basically I can't watch the show anymore lol
6. Herb1583
As fried chicken chains go, it's:

1) Bojangles
2) Church's
3) KFC
4) Anybody else
5) Popeye's
Walker White
7. Walker

Nothing is better than Church's; heresy. And everything is better than KFC.
8. rewaters
They have definitely deviated somewhat from Arya's storyline, but the spirit of her journey is very much in tact. And that in the end is probably what matters the most.
Sky Thibedeau
9. SkylarkThibedeau
1) Prices Chicken Coop (Local chicken like my Momma made)
2) Churches (#3 with corn on the Cobb and Jalapeno pepper)
3) Bojangles (5 cajun wings and Jalapeno peppers)
4) KFC (I bereve the loss of extra Crispy Spicy Recipe)
5) Popeye's (Onion Rings used to be the best)

Worst: Franchise wise it's the mid south's Jack Pirtles. Chicken is dry as any you find at a Flying J or a Super Texaco.
10. Dev The Gray
Zaxby's, Chick-Fil-A and Buffalo Wild Wings need to be added to your top "chicken" chains. Just saying.
Chin Bawambi
11. bawambi
Funny bit. Chicken chain stores vary greatly by location. For example, the KFC in Staten Island is excellent but I wouldn't let my worst enemy eat at the one on 14th Street in Manhattan. The Bojangles in Sanford, NC is awful and I've been at Popeye's that vary from disgusting to delicious. It is such a crapshoot with chains.

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