Apr 11 2014 11:00am

Batman Gets A Fab New Short For His 75th B-Day From Bruce Timm!

Batman: Strange Days

Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm has created an animated short for the caped crusader on the event of his 75th birthday. We're getting all teary over here.

The short draws from the style and sepia tones of the 1930s since Batman himself debuted in 1939. Watch as our favorite knight stops Hugo Strange's creep-tastic plans. Ugh, we miss this show. Can it come back?

Jack Flynn
1. JackofMidworld
Enjoyed this VERY much, definitely worth watching
Scot Nommensen
2. Badger-SAN
I'm back in grade school. Thanks Tor and Bruce Timm.
Chris Meadows
3. Robotech_Master
Why oh why can't they put Bruce Timm in charge of their execrable live-action movies? Make him DC's Kevin Feigh. He knows what makes a good story. Whoever's running their live-action movies now doesn't seem to have a clue.

Failing that, why can't we have more than three minutes of new Batman? :(
4. Athreeren
1:31: I always knew that Killer Croc was a brilliant tactician.
5. LeiaShotFirst
Bloody brilliant. Good grief I loved BTAS when I was a kid, and still do.

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