Mar 4 2014 10:30pm

New Transformers: Age Of Extinction Trailer Will Make You Sad About Being Excited

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction is living in a post-Transformers world, where aggressive bots are swiftly dispatched by a confidently dominant world military, where Shia LaBeouf sits quietly with a bag over his head, and where a farmer’s hobby of fixing up beater cars means he can stumble across the best Transformer ever.

Doesn’t this actually sound surprisingly cool? It does! A post-Transformers world is one full of weird sci-fi possibilities and this trailer for the fourth movie does a great job setting that up.

Unfortunately, it’s still a Michael Bay movie, so you know none of those ideas will be explored. So frustrating! But at least there are dinosaurs now.

At least there are dinosaurs now.

Michael M Jones
1. MichaelMJones
I lost interest in this movie franchise after #2... but Dinobots. And no Shia LeBoeuf. It's...tempting.
Mike Conley
2. NomadUK
The only good thing about the trend of the past decade or so of presenting a Cliff Notes edition of the entire film in the trailer is that it removes any vestigial temptation on my part to spend any money whatsoever on even a rental copy of a film such as this, as I've already seen absolutely everything I need to see. So, yay.
Colin R
3. Colin R
These movies are totally incomprehensible--just the visual equivalent of noise spewed all over the screen, punctuated occasionally by humans having reactions. I will never understand how these things became planetoid-sized hits. What sets them apart from all the other crappy action movies out there?
Charles Foster
4. FossMaNo1
My biggest issue with the Transformers movies has been visual... too many moving parts and not enough smoothness in not the 'bots themselves...I guess I'm getting old but I'd like the detail toned down a bit so I can actually understand what I'm looking at.

As a side note, getting rid of LaBeouf is AWESOME!!! I never like the crack-addict style he gave his character...maybe that was a Michael Bay thing, but it was really annoying. I think Mark Wahlberg will enable the movie to step up.
Brian Haughwout
5. bhaughwout
As much as folks rightly complain, I think that Bay got the visual technique down by the third movie (the whole Chicago fight was majorly impressive to watch). With an actual charismatic action lead in Wahlberg and Dinobots? I'll be there gladly on the half-price matinee having a hell of a time. Bay does spectacle really well as long as he tries to focus on that instead of puerility. He's gotten enough flack -- and said the right things -- that it sounds like he's learned to focus on the action & military stuff with TF4, hence why you have a very different lead actor and even different human antagonists. There's enough to complain about in this world -- just let me hear Peter Cullen yell over explosions, eh? ;)
Chris Hawks
6. SaltManZ
I still love the first movie, so even with films 2 and 3 being so terrible, I can't help but hold out hope. And this trailer has me very optimistic. I never minded the "messy" designs from the previous films, but it looks like the 'bots have gotten much more streamlined this time around, which looks pretty great.
Colin R
7. Cybersnark
"where a farmer’s hobby of fixing up beater cars means he can stumble across the best Transformer ever."

That doesn't look like Prime Arcee. ;)
Virginia O'Connor
8. Tialin
I don't care what any of you critics say: I'm looking forward to this movie. A lot. Yeah, I'm atypical for a fan of the bots. I knew of them but was too old to care about Transformers when they came out, and my first real introduction to them was the first Bay movie. Sure, they aren't perfect movies, those are few and far between. The action was so dizzying in the first one I felt like I needed to see it in slow mo to tell what was going on sometimes. I didn't know enough about the Autobots and Decepticons, but it was okay. And as a former Wheel of Time podcaster, I can nitpick details and continuity on a galactic scale once I get into it. But I refuse to let that destroy the enjoyment of a series, and these movies are just FUN. Though I do prefer the Transformers Prime style to the movies, these are what brought me a whole new set of fantasy friends, real life friends and more. I'm only glad I didn't really discover Transformers when I was in serious collecting mode, or I'd be even poorer than I am, lol.

That said, not going to miss Shia in the new one. Not at all. Nope. Looking forward to Wahlberg.

So I'm gonna be there opening night with my big bucket of popcorn and soda and indulge in an mega-sized awesome guilty pleasure! I hope they have a marathon like the Marvel franchises! Transform and roll out!

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