Mar 13 2014 3:20pm

Johnny Depp Makes the Singularity Look Great in New Clips from Transcendence!

Transcendence isn't just a film about Johnny Depp uploading his brain and kicking off The Singularity: it's also a film in which a sentient computer sasses Morgan Freman. Safe to say, we're on board. Click through to watch a surprisingly philosophical featurette! 

We’re intrigued that the Transcendence director and producers are positioning this film as a sort of think-piece about the merging of human consciousness and technology. It looks much more like an action movie with a dash of “tech-gone-wrong” horror, but we’re excited to see where it goes!

Also, how great is it that Depp immediately thinks all of his luxuriant hair back as soon as he's uploaded? This is a man who knows what to do with immortality and limitless power.

Nick Hlavacek
1. Nick31
This is a concept I've idly considered for a long time - long before I heard of this movie. What would I do if I my mind was connected to and merged with an AI, loose on the internet? (For one, child pornographers and others using the internet for sex trafficking would be very unhappy. And out of work. As most people in prison are.) I'm looking forward to see how the movie handles it. Obviously the AI here doesn't try and keep itself hidden. Infinite power corrupts? Or just causes instant ego overinflation? :)
Elizabeth Barnett
2. denelian
i continue to be annoyed by the anti-science stance of Hollywood -- A.I. isn't going to always go evil, an uploaded person wouldn't automatically go evil

where are the GOOD computers? sigh.

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