Mar 11 2014 12:09am

Tor Books Announces the Acquisition of Charlie Jane Anders’s Novel All the Birds in the Sky

Tor Books editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden has acquired two novels from Charlie Jane Anders. The first, All the Birds in the Sky, is described as blending literary fantasy and science fiction, telling the story of the decades-long, on-and-off romance between a sorceress and a computer genius, beginning in childhood and proceeding against a background of increasingly catastrophic climate change. All the Birds in the Sky is slated for publication in 2015.

From Charlie Jane Anders:

“I am really thrilled to be working with Patrick and everyone else at Tor, after such a mind-blowingly fantastic experience on the short fiction side. When I started dreaming up a story about two such disparate characters, who come of age together and then face huge challenges as adults, I kept mentally comparing it to books like Little Brother and Among Others. So this is an astounding piece of luck.”

Anders writes about science fiction for the popular blog io9 and won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2011 for her Tor.com story “Six Months, Three Days,” now being adapted as an NBC miniseries. Her latest Tor.com story, “The Cartography of Sudden Death,” can be read for free here.

2. Deggsy
Congratulations, Charlie Jane! Looking forward to reading it :-)
3. Andy2
I'll be buying this. I snag all the ebook shorts CJA has put up.

Can't wait!
Chuk Goodin
4. Chuk
That is cool, I love her shorts and articles.
5. Sandy M
Bravo Charlie Jane! Long a fan of your contributions to io9, all the best for the future! x x x s

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