Mar 7 2014 3:15pm

New York City is Getting its Own Sharknado on July 31

Sharknado 2

Just when we thought it was safe to go back out to the Waffels and Dinges food truck...

Sharknado 2: The Second One (that is its actual, lovely, title) is premiering on SyFy on July 31st. This one’s set in New York City! And while we hope that the sharknado/sharkstorm wreaks a little havoc on the Flatiron Building, we’re betting it’s mostly set in Times Square due to these amazing on-set photos.

We can only hope this film reaches the heights that Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York did.

Horrifying shark pony image by Arne Olav.

Pamela Adams
1. PamAdams
I made a half-pony, half-monkey -shark monster to please you......
Brian Haughwout
2. bhaughwout
With my fellow Mid-Atlantickers notoriously panicking over long-range snow models & bit in the ass of late, can I rightly yet get concerned about a SHARKNADO forecast for the end of July? ;)

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