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7 Credible Ways The Incredibles 2 Could Work

Yesterday, news broke that Brad Bird and Pixar will develop a sequel to the beloved Pixar superhero/super family movie; The Incredibles. Despite its popularity and genuine heart, this Pixar film never got a sequel, owing largely to creator/director Brad Bird’s fear of not being able to live-up to the quality of the first story.

So, it’s been 10 years since we’ve seen the family Parr and their super-friends (Like Frozone!) in action. But was it better to leave a good thing alone? No! The Parrs are the best Pixar thing ever and a sequel would be amazing. Here’s seven totally reasonable directions a sequel could take.

Mr. Incredible Versus Kal-El!

In the super-powered Incredibles universe all the supers seem to be indigenous to Earth, meaning most of the comic-book homages in the film are not related to Superman, a space alien who becomes a hero. What would happen if a Superman-type (or a family of Kryptoptian-style heroes) descending upon the Earth of the Incredibles? How would the Earth deal with it? Even Violet’s force field might not be enough to save us from heroes from space!


The Incredibles: Unmasked

Most superheroes wear masks to hide their identities, and with a family of heroes, this is pretty much imperative. But, what if the conflicts referenced in the first film came back? What if the Parrs had to operate without their masks? Could the celebrity become too much for them? Also, let’s face it, the title is totally solid.


Frozone: The Movie

Though mostly relegated to the role of sidekick, Lucius Best, better known as Frozone, is one of the only other surviving supers in the world of The Incredibles. Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, it’s kind of confusing as to why Frozone wasn’t more of a main character. Maybe this time around, the Parrs can be sidekicks to Frozone, and the focus can be on him! At the very least, having Frozone (and maybe his family?) front and center is essential.


Jack Jack, The Fallen Son

At the end of the first movie, it’s revealed that the infant Jack Jack can burst into flames, change shape, and turn into basically a baby with a monster face. (This prompted the short film Jack Jack Attack) So, this makes Jack Jack kind of like The Hulk of the Incredible family. But, what if the sequel dealt with a grown-up Jack Jack who has maybe kind of turned to the Dark Side? Maybe Helen and Bob have to bring him back to the good side? If done right Jack Jack could be like a badass mashup of Darth Vader and Jason Todd.


The Incredibles Have Been Unstuck in Time

I’m suggesting this one mostly because I’m full-on in love with the writing talents of Sarah Vowell, the fantastic author who also happens to be the voice of Violet Parr! For those who don’t know, Sarah Vowell has written numerous highly entertaining books about U.S. history from Assassination Vacation to The Wordy Shipmates. So, if Vowell was in on working on the story, what if the Parr family accidentally started traveling through time? How would the Pilgrims deal with superheroes? How would Lincoln? You know you want to see Steampunk Incredibles. Admit it.


Vigilantes Versus Supers

Sort of an inversion of the heroes-from-space concept, this one would see a world in which Batman-style non-super-powered heroes became serious competition for the Parr family and Frozone. Could a goofy version of the The Dark Knight Returns ensue here? If the Parr family met a family of non-super-powered Kick-Ass style heroes you might suddenly have everything from envy to jealously. Would the non-super-power heroes be jealous of the powers of the Parrs? Would the Parrs be jealous of the “Normal” yet, still-heroic family? I’m seriously crying already.


The Incredibles: Made Credible!

Everyone knows the best Superman movie is Superman II, which is secretly subtitled The One Where Supe Loses His Powers and Gets Beat Up in a Diner. And the reason why that movie is so great is because of the idea of losing the powers you’ve always had. True, the first film dealt with this a little bit by having the Parrs and other heroes like Frozone hide their gifts, but hiding and having that potential taken away are very different. Would Mr. Incredible still try and fight crime and save the world even if he lost his powers? Yes, this is kind of what Syndrome wanted to do in the first film, but what if it happened organically? Mundane, ordinary Incredibles would have to find a way to be Incredible without being Super.


What do you think? What insane directions should the The Incredibles 2 take? Plus, should they get new supersuits???

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1. mutantalbinocrocodile
Uh. . .none of the above? If a sequel to The Incredibles can't capture the original film's satirical edge, then it shouldn't be made. Heck, arguably even the last third of the first film had already lost the satire and flirted with just being a generic superhero movie with a family twist.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
2. Lisamarie
This is one of my favorite Pixar movies, so I am excited to see what they do with it. I suppose if Brad Bird can't be involved with Star Wars, this is the next best thing ;)
Robert H. Bedford
3. RobB
About the only thing that could annoy me is if they drop a flying brick into the sequel ( unless he/she is the villain. Actually, now that I've typed that, I like it more.
4. Michael Connell
I love the Incredibles movie and have long awaited a sequel!! I would go with the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th idea. I can't wait!!
5. KAsiki
If through this medium, Disney doesn't somehow make fun of itself and the movies it is making with Marvel it will be a dissapointment. In fact if Disney doesn't turn toMarvel for some feed back on the story ofr how to poke fun of itself then they are missing part of the fun. Disney needs to make its own version of the origional SHREK, that is aimed at Superheroes.
6. RobertX
I don't think Syndrome killed ALL the other Supers. Just a lot. There is not indication at all that Frozone and the Incredibles (family) are all that is left.

If it isn't as good as the first one or better don't bother.
7. hassenpfeffer
Bad Guy du jour kidnaps Edna Mode. All Supers go into a frenzy to rescue her. Hilarity and heartbreak ensue.

Basically, I just want more Edna (voiced by Brad Bird).
Steven Lyle Jordan
8. Steven_Lyle_Jordan
I'd like to see the Parrs struggle with being a "super-family," with Dash and Vi wanting to go off on their own, Jack and Helen over-protecting them, and some threat that all of them want to attack differently (maybe an environmental dingus that Jack and Helen attack due to its financial or political aspects, but the kids want to protect for the environment). Eventually, the nature of the threat will be clear to all, and they'll find a way to come back together as a family and stop the threat.

Much like the FF, the areas where The Incredibles shine is when they work together, and the areas of greatest plot development is when they, as a family, begin to fight and splinter. They should maintain that dynamic in TI2. (Maybe Jack and Lucious can also argue about super-heroing; Lucious did point out to Jack that he'd like to be asked to help... he's not quite as altruistic as Jack.)

By the way: How much do I get if they use this?
9. BarbarianWriter
I think the JackJack idea is interesting, but, as it has only been 10 years, make it his adolescence kicking in. All the troubles of raising a teenage boy, but one who can burst into flames, turn to pure rock, morph into a monster? EPIC!!!
10. 4tothefloor
The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar and it's such a great portrait of a nuclear family. I hope the sequel picks up a full 10 years after the last movie, where Vi is just out of college, Dash is graduating high school, and Jack Jack is a teen. I'd love to see Brad Bird's take on what happens to such a close-knit family at that moment when the kids are leaving the nest.
11. RobertX
@hassenpfeffer - Something happening to Edna might work.
13. KAsiki
@10 While not exactly 10 years that age gap seems perfect. Add in that due to Jack Jacks powers he has had to be home schooled to this point and is finally going to be allowed to go to regular school.
Alan Brown
14. AlanBrown
I like a 10-12 year gap since the last film, with the older kids trying to cope with college and JackJack, as mentioned above, grappling with both hormones of adolescence and his powers. The "Unmasked" idea above looks like a promising angle, and like others have mentioned above, Edna should play a big, big part in this film.
I'm sure it will be great!
15. Michael Matalis
The Incredibles is one of my all time favorite films, I watch it every couple of months and enjoy it every time. Please, please, please do NOT make a sequel, leave good enough alone!
16. Bob Parr
How about an origin story? I, for one, would like to know how I became so Incredible!

Where did all the Supers come from? How did the government incorporate us into a group?

Were there ever evil Supers?

How did Edna get involved? Was she married to a Super at one point? Am I her son?
Alan Brown
17. AlanBrown
(Sorry to shout, but I feel very strongly about that topic.)
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
18. Lisamarie
Actually, I like Monsters University better than Monsters, Inc, so a prequel could work. :) I also don't hate the Star Wars prequels, but that's kind of a sore spot with people!

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