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Sorry, Ladies—Black Widow is Taken... This Pic From The Winter Soldier Tells All

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cap, Widow

A number of promo shots have been released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and initially the one above had us caught between amusement over Steve’s face and envy over Natasha’s jacket.

But take a closer peek...

In case you were wondering who Widow might be thinking about between blowing sh*t up and getting it done, this closeup on her jewelry is a pretty solid clue (and is making us all kinds of teary):

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Widow, necklace, arrow, Hawkeye


That, in case your monitor is failing you, would be a tiny silver arrow. And it is perhaps the only decorative aspect of her entire wardrobe at this moment.

The likelihood of Clint and Natasha buying each other presents given their line of work is minimal, so you know what this means—on some downtime, Natasha Romanov was taking a stroll through a city shopping area and was looking over jewelry. She spotted that small arrow, picked it up without a word, and bought the thing.

We will never be okay again.

John Aylward
1. johnjaylward
I thought it was obvious from "Avengers" that she liked Hawkeye.
2. Orcrist
Or maybe she is cheating with Arrow or Katniss through some alternate universe portal that will be retconned soon.
Emily Asher-Perrin
3. EmilyAP
@1 - Absolutely! But she was definitely not okay with showing it at that point. Or even to really admitting it herself. Which this necklace would seem to indicate otherwise....

@2 - I vote Katniss. ;)
Paul Weimer
4. PrinceJvstin
Well, the in-universe version of me, if he exists, had better stop carrying a torch for her. ;)
Chris Nelly
5. Aeryl
Well hopefully this puts an arrow in the heart of people pushing for CapTasha to be a thing.

Don't get me wrong, I think Tasha should have ALL THE HAWT GUYZ, but she and Steve just don't click that way, IMO. She's an amoral former assassin, he's a boy scout. They have a lot to learn from one another, but a relationship? Naw. Plus Steve don't do one night stands, while Tasha, well....

Also, can we put an arrow through the heart of Steve/Sharon too? That just creeps me out, like she's his consolation prize since he couldn't have Peggy.
6. Gumby
Sorry Ladies? Why ladies? Headline should read, "Sorry Guys, Black Widow is taken.." or "Sorry Ladies, Hawkeye is taken." Am I missing something about the Marvel universe?
Jared Wright
10. J Town
"@6, Wow, heteronormative much?"

I'm assuming that's tongue in cheek... or is that really a thing now?

(I feel really old even asking that question.)
Jessica Trevino
11. Ciella
@10. J Town I don't want to put words in Aeryl's mouth, but it is very much a thing. What's wrong with ladies being sad that Black Widow's taken? She's super hot and awesome!
Jenny Thrash
12. Sihaya
#11: I think it's more the suggestion that a butt kicking woman is only attractive to lesbians that makes me say, "Hmm. That's a bit stereotypical." But I didn't care too much, for one obvious reason - the headline writer had to pick a gender. It's just not snappy to say, "Sorry, Sexual Beings - Black Widow is Taken. " So, might as well flip a coin.
Chris Nelly
13. Aeryl
No, the comment I was responding was very adamant that only men are allowed be sad that Black Widow is allegedly taken, or that only ladies could be upset that Hawkeye is allegedly off the market.

That is heteronormative thinking, that all media should be considered in the light of what heterosexuals feel about the topic.

I don't want to speak for Emily, but since she's been kind enough to grace her readers with pictures of her and her girlfriend is adorable R2D2 and C3PO costumes, I think it's fair to say that Emily, who likely qualifies as a "lady" is disappointed to learn Black Widow may be taken. As am I.
Chris Nelly
14. Aeryl
@6, Also, you have apparently missed something in the Marvel universe. The recently concluded Young Avengers run pretty much had all the characters admit that they are gay, bi, or lesbian.
Jason Parker
15. tarbis
Better this than trying to wedge the backstory with the Winter Soldier into a movie that already looks pretty full of stuff. Nice subtle way to establish a relationship and still have the option to walk it back later on.
Joe Vondracek
16. joev
Don't ya love little details like this? It makes me think, "I need more windows into this universe. More movies now, pleez."
Jenny Thrash
17. Sihaya
#15: Totally. Let a thousand possibilities be true to the viewer. Makes a rich universe.
18. Bytowner
Most accurate to say that Black Widow has made her own choice of preference.
Alan Brown
19. AlanBrown
Before today, I didn't even know that heteronormative was a word...
20. Ryamano
The title should've said "sorry everyone, Black Widow's taken". Because everything in the universe wants to have sex with Black Widow. Even tentacled aliens from outer space. There's enough hentai on the net about it as proof :P
Gerd K
21. Kah-thurak
In the end this is all terribly monogamy-normative :P

Though the question why accepting vast majorities as a "norm", while also accepting all non-harmful deviations of that norm, should be problematic remains unanswered...
Chris Meadows
22. Robotech_Master
I think this is really clever, and highlights the extreme attention to detail a good costumer can put into a movie. Costumers often go above and beyond just designing an outfit in ways that can be seen on the screen; they come up with little tiny details that will never be noticed but nonetheless help the actors get into character, up to and including putting appropriate items in the characters' pockets.

And you can call it "monogamy-normative" or whatever if you want, but it's not as if it came out of left field. When you get right down to it it's basically just a continuation/payoff to one of the major subplots in Avengers, highlighting Widow and Hawkeye's commonalities and feelings for each other. And let's be fair here, anyone who has a soft spot for romance was probably already hoping those two would end up together.

One of the great things about the MCU is that characters have arcs that carry through across multiple movies. Even if they don't always come out into the foreground, these little details show that they are still there.
Joseph Newton
23. crzydroid
Maybe it means Hawkeye died, and she bought the necklace in rememberence of her friend.
Chris Nelly
24. Aeryl
Based on the trailer, whoever is dead in this movie, it happens after the scene this was taken from.
25. Comic_Geekery
Awww...look at Marvel trying to be DC! Black Canary/Green Arrow, anyone? Come ON, people...can we be just a teensy bit original...and make Hawkeye GAY?! That would be a romance worth watching. Don't we have enough hetero-couples, already?
26. PopCultureGirl
"Can we be just a teensy bit original...and make Hawkeye GAY?!"

LOL! check out all the Clint/Coulson out there. Besides, Natasha and Clint are just not good for each other in MCU. Though I love the necklace and would happily wear it, too.
27. Dimples
#25: It's hardly a rip off, since Hawkeye and Black Widow had a romantic relationship way back in the 60s when Clint was first introduced in the 616 verse, so it would be more a throwback to that, not to mention the various cartoons that have played on this relationship.
30. iamdispleased
@6 I don't know what ladies you're talking to but, as far as I'm concerned, Black Widow could get it. And, unless we're talking about her, I'm pretty straight

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