Feb 5 2014 12:00pm

Patrick Stewart Tells Us How He’s Dying While Dressed as a Moon Rover

Patrick Stewart moon rover Jade Rabbit Daily Show

Why is Patrick Stewart dressed as an “actual moon rover” and remarking sadly upon how the night is falling and soon he shall die? Because comedy!

On Tuesday, The Daily Show did a segment on China’s “Jade Rabbit” lunar rover, which made moonfall recently and made the world superpower the third nation to put an exploratory vehicle on the moon.

Unfortunately, the Jade Rabbit appears to have been under-engineered for the lunar environment, and is breaking down, leading to Patrick Stewart’s somber performance of the last moments of the lunar rover.

Skip to the 2 minute mark to get the meat of the story. (And to bypass the sex toy jokes if you’re watching this at work...),, give me your

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Diane Rhodes
2. Spaceechik
We may have gone a'roving 43 years ago, but remember that cautionary tale, of the Tortoise and the Hare. Just saying...

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