Feb 21 2014 3:10pm

Farscape Movie Is In the Works and Peter Dinklage is Set to Star in Another HBO Series!

Peter Dinklage, Ben Browder, Claudia Black

It turns out that slid a gem past the world today, announcing that screenwriter Justin Mondo is penning two projects that are bound to make SFF fans lose their minds.

You know, just another show starring Peter Dinklage and a Farscape television movie. No big deal.

Monjo is said to be writing a show that would star Dinklage as a dwarf detective for HBO. The series would be produced by Ben Stiller’s production company, Red Hour. Dinklage is currently in talks for the show, which would be titled The Beasts of Valhalla, based on a series of books by George C. Chesbro. Monjo had Dinklage in mind before he started writing, so let’s hope that works out!

And then, you know... there’s that Farscape movie thing.

It turns out that Monjo has also written a screenplay for what would likely be a Farscape television movie. Set to follow the awesome comics written by our favorite Keith R.A. DeCandido, the film would follow John and Aeryn’s son, D’Argo (or Little D, as we will always refer to him). Because their baby was exhibiting a set of interesting powers that made him a magnet for galactic villains, we find that John and Aeryn hide their son on Earth to grow up. Now the kid is 19 and ready to go into space with his parents.

D’Argo in space! With his amazing super parents! And then they could go visit Chiana and Rygel and Noranti...


Don’t hold out on us, world. If we got a Farscape fix more than a decade after it’s final bow, we’d believe in fairies again.

David Levinson
1. DemetriosX
I can definitely see Dinklage playing Mongo. Kind of a cross between his role in Penelope and Tyrion.
2. Draesoneth
The writer's name is Justin Monjo (IMDB Link), writer producer during Farscape's original run and is credited with 14 episodes of the series.
3. Lucky
Please God, let this Farscape movie happen!!!!!!
4. EmmaSimone
I have read all the Mongo books by George C. Chesbro. I would love to see Peter Dinklage in the role of the brilliant detective and ex-circus performer.
5. LanceThruster
This is frelling excellent!
Brigitte Reed
6. brigittereed
Don't care about the Farscape movie, but Peter being in another TV show interests me. :-)
Thomas Thatcher
7. StrongDreams
The kid has powers? Oh sigh. John was interesting because he was ordinary, yet he managed to unite the crew, end a war, etc.
8. DarthRachel
This Farscape news is amazing!!! I'm afraid to get my hopes up since we've been promised things before (remember the minisodes?) but I will take any tiny thing they give us. Farscaaape!
Luis Milan
9. LuisMilan
Oh, why don't they just call it The Powers of d'Argo Crichton and get Louis Gosset Jr. to play his carekeeper...
10. rogerothornhill
Steve Oerkfitz
11. SteveOerkfitz
Love the Chesbro novels. Could care less about Farscape. Found it very mediocre at best.
12. Cross
Wasn't Dinklage attached to star in a Mongo movie a few years ago? The Farscape idea sounds terrible - Galactica 1980 terrible!
13. Mandamus
Wow.. bunch of old farts in this thread.. The powers of Matthew Star and Galacitica 1980? Wow..

Oh wait.. I remember those too.

14. CrichtonJ
Perhaps his half-sibling (Grayza's kid) will also have powers and be Crichton & Aeryn's son's arch-nemesis.
15. Kokoda
A new Farscape movie!!!! Woohooo!! What can I say's about time.

As for Peter Dinklage, what a great actor. I'd watch anything with him in it.
Randall Trussell
16. Randalthor1966
I absolutely love this idea - except they can leave Chiana out, never did like her - as Farscape is one of my all-time vaforite shows. It combined two of my favorite things: muppets and sci-fi. Lets make this happen people. Is there a Kickstarter for this?
17. dragons3
A Farscape movie would be frelling awesome! Dinklage would be great as Mongo. I love those books. Need to go back and reread them. '
18. mary fast
Awesome.been hoping for it being brought reruns every nite on pivot.LOVE THE GREAT NEWS!!!!
19. mary fast
Just watched infinite possibilities where John dont have a heart if you dont cry.not fair...not fair at all.
20. Kirk T.
Farscape was (and still is) a brilliant series that was cancelled way too early, truly one of the worst cancellations in TV history. Anything new Farscape would be amazing. Still, getting back the original crew (and some new characters) and making a new Farscape 2.0-series would be even better. You can only do so much with movie, and a great TV-series can have more character development and complex storylines. Having said that, anything new Farscape would be a dream come true!
21. Kara H.
Farscape- great
Peter- Have no idea who he is (and do not get HBO anyway)

Right now we happen to be rewatching all of the farscape movies. Surpeising how well they stood up but good stories will do that. Babylon 5 was another good example. Neither would match today's fx but concentrated on the story.
22. Str0b0
Another Farscape movie after the Peace Keeper Wars? I'm down. I will be interested to find out how they manage to get D'Argo to earth since the ancients wiped the wormhole knowledge from John's mind after he deployed the wormhole weapon. I suppose Little D could be the answer why. Honestly I couldn't care less how they hand wave it or explain it away all I know is
23. C.D.
I think its a great idea! I watch reruns every week, a new movie sound wonderful!
24. vadi
has there been any up date? please let me know as soon as possible. I LOVE FARSCAPE
25. Darktam2
Frelling amazing news cant wait for new farscape,if you dont like farscape you are full of dren
26. jio
Sounds great. Tried the comics after watching the series. Unfortunately I remember I hate comics more than I loved the show and it couldn't (kapow!) overcome it. Format change should be perfect.

Show had a very unique charm from the era and the cast. I have great doubts of anything done with the pressures and compromises in regards to suits appealing to what they think people want recapturing anything resembling that but prove me wrong.
27. Keith B Denney
Farscape NEVER should have been canceled! Must figure out how to bring back Ka' Dargo hell it's Sci Fi (correct spelling) so anything possible! I bought the series and movies and have been hearing these rumors for 10 years!! HURRY I getting old too!! Please notice the original Star Trek was cancelled way too early too but I believe the movie franchise is doing OKAY, SSSSOOOO?????

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