Feb 6 2014 6:00pm

The Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs Must Flow!

OK, we’re done. Someone has won the internet. In the tradition of Garfield Minus Garfield and This Charming Charlie, we give you: Calvin & Maud’Dib—a mashup of Calvin and Hobbes strips and some of the greatest lines from Frank Herbert’s Dune series. Since C&H had a decidedly philosophical bent to begin with, it’s not a surprise that the heady mixture of religion and politics of Arrakis fit perfectly with Calvin’s musings to Hobbes.


The best part is that, as in the comic, Hobbes can enact the ideas that Calvin is only toying with...usually demonstrating why Calvin is, at best, misguided, and at worst, a tiny megolomaniac.


And while Calvin’s view of himself as a superior being makes him an excellent match for Paul Atreides’ role as reluctant messiah—not that Calvin would bother with the “reluctant” part:


Hobbes can embody the harshness of Dune’s worldview, being a constant torment to the Kwisatz Haderach.


As with all the characters of Frank Herbert’s world, however, even the mightiest can be subject to a fall.


And, as in Bill Watterson’s original strip, you can also find some uplifting moments in Calvin & Maud’Dib, if you try.

We just know that Susie Derkins will make one terrifying Reverend Mother. Check out the rest of the strips here!

Alex Sberna
1. writermanalex
This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I want to watch Spaceman Spiff battle Baron Harkonnen.
j malcolm stewart
2. j malcolm stewart
"That which is not of faith shall not enter into the bedroom." I'm paraphasing :)
Maitrey Deshpande
4. LittleWolf
This has got to be the best Calvin mashup I've ever seen!
F Shelley
5. FSS
This good. Now all we need is a WoT/Peanuts mashup
Sky Thibedeau
6. SkylarkThibedeau
You mean GOT/peanuts featuring Good Ole Charlie Snow and his Direwolf Snoopy, Loosei and Linus Lannister and their Dwarf Brother with a keen mind Rerunion.

My favorite will Always be the Peppermint Knight Patty of Tarth.
G. D. B. (not Ambrose Bierce)
7. SchuylerH
Bill Watterson is still the best. Actually, can we have more of this instead of the Dune prequels? (my favorite strip so far is the "Fear is the mind-killer" one)

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