Jan 27 2014 2:14pm

Star Trek Into Darkness Makes Way More Sense When Retold on Tumblr

Star Trek Into Darkness Star Trek Into Whiteness

Australian Tumblr user t’hy’la recently posted “Star Trek Into Whiteness,” a re-telling of the entirety of Star Trek Into Darkness via screencap and it’s astonishing how much more sense the movie makes when you include the thoughts behind its creation. Will Kirk and Spock prevail against The Writers? Will Carol Danvers Marcus! do more science but not just science because she is also a daughter? Who can possibly stop Benedict Cumberbatch from playing every role in everything? You’ll have to read through to find out!

1. shiznatikus
I would rather have seen this version! Can someone ring Rick Berman and get this franchise back on track?
2. TansyRR
I think you mean Carol Marcus, not Carol Danvers, but that DOES raise awesome crossover possibilities.

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