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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Adds Marvel Character We All Knew Was Coming

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mike Peterson Deathlok

CALLED IT. (Sorry, that's obnoxious, I know. But I get so few victories over this show.)

Marvel announced on Thursday that kidnapped super soldier Mike Peterson will be revealed as Deathlok in the next episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which will also feature a train job, Stan Lee, and Coulson begging someone not to die. What a packed episode! Do you think Stan Lee gets to name Mike Peterson after he wakes up? I hope so. Then I hope he goes around naming everyone silly things.

Marvel also had some words about Sif's upcoming cameo.

It turns out Sif is coming to Earth because she's chasing down Lorelei, who is furious that Rory never finished her degree at Yale because Lorelei sacrificed everything to put herself back under the wing of her starched-white rich parents and...remember Paris? How did we forget about the character of Paris from that show? She was way more entertaining than Rory and...wait.

Oh, it turns out Lorelei is the younger sister of Thor villain the Enchantress, and they share the same “magical seductress!” power set except where the Enchantress actually got to be a three dimensional, morally grey character in some of the classic Thor comics, it seems that Lorelei is just kind of a jerk.

I propose that they bring in Speedball next. Or that Fitz turns into Speedball. Because.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Speedball

Mordicai Knode
1. mordicai
Can I just say that Logan is her best boyfriend? Sure, he's soaking in class privilige, but at least he acknowledges it. I sort of feel like Logan was supposed to be a "grown-up Tristan"-- maybe even literally, if Chad Michael Murray hadn't blown out his career-- but he's better than those two Star's Hollow duds.
Colin R
2. Colin R
Lorelei is a key figure in Walter Simonson's run on Thor--one of the greatest runs of all time. The context of a wikipedia article doesn't quite do justice to the tangle of deception that Loki, Lorelei, and Malekith are all playing against Thor and each other.

That said, it's odd to introduce her outside that context. I assume they wanted Amora, but were denied, maybe because as a major Thor nemesis they want to reserve rights to her for a bigger production like Thor 3.
Chris Lough
3. TorChris
OMG Mordicai Jess was obviously the best boyfriend. He was the WORST but Rory was never as interesting as she was when Jess was pushing her and forcing her to question herself and determine what she really wants from life and for herself. Best onscreen YA ever.

Colin, I totally thought that was Amora in Simonson's run. (Hence my crack at Lorelei.) I really need to get that longbox out of storage!

She should totally be in Thor 3. She's an ideal foil for Loki.
Matt Stoumbaugh
4. LazerWulf
Okay... I'm pretty familiar with the Marvel Universe, but still... who the heck is Deathlok?
Colin R
5. Colin R
Deathlok started out as a single character and eventually has become a class of beings--ZOMBIE CYBORGS. They tend to pop up all over the place now, sometimes as independent operators and sometimes as mooks.
6. graftonio

Deathlok is basically what Robocop was copied from except military instead of police.
Chris Nelly
7. Aeryl
I'm very happy for the book people, hope this begins to fill your need for more tie ins!
Alan Brown
9. AlanBrown
I am glad they are bringing in some folks from the comics. I guess, though, it is impossible to wish for the A-list heroes to show up, and we will have to settle for the lesser known characters. Once he appears in the new Cap movie, would it be too much to hope to see Bucky?
Colin R
10. Dirtycelt
I "squeed" a little over all the Gilmore Girl references...
Chris Nelly
11. Aeryl
Sebastian Stan is already involved with TWO shows on ABC, Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

He hasn't had the time to do either one lately, but the popularity of his portrayal of the Mad Hatter is what led to the interest for a Wonderland show, so I imagine after his schedule clears he will return.

So I don't think it outside the realm of possible for him to make an appearance, depending on how Winter Soldier is resolved.
Alan Brown
12. AlanBrown
...And OUAT in Wonderland doesn't appear to be destined to last too long, which frees up even more of his time!
Susan Davis
13. sue
Wait, Dethklok is coming to the Marvel universe? On which side?
Chris Meadows
14. Robotech_Master
So, um, where's the review of the latest episode?
Alan Brown
15. AlanBrown
I was wondering about that review, also. Has given up on the show?
Chris Lough
16. TorChris
Sorry, folks, my new schedule outside of work prevented a timely Agents of SHIELD recap and by the time I got some space to write up last week's episode it was already Thursday. There's a half-written post about it floating around the article queue, but like many half-made things, it is unsuitable for consumption unless it is late at night and no one is looking and you're able to convince yourself that cheese can stay out for a couple days and still remain safely edible.

But I liked the episode! It was the only one to date where I actually couldn't wait to see what happened at the end. Breaking the plot into four overlapping viewpoints worked really well in this case, with Agent May's being particularly eyebrow-raising. (Getting stabbed on purpose so you can cut yourself down = BAD. ASS.)

Skye getting shot was pretty tense, too. You knew it was coming but the show really committed to it in a way that surprised me. That is a very fatal wound they gave her. I imagine the next episode will consist of Coulson shaking down SHIELD, asking them to reveal how they revived him so he can revive her.

Also, the episode allowed me to retain my hatred of Fitz. I really do not understand what the show is trying to do with that character. It's like they forgot to give him feelings.
Chris Nelly
17. Aeryl
It's real easy to get a handle on Fitz, when you figure out that he is constantly testing himself. Right now, because of the events of The HUB, he is testing himself against Ward, but he's misinterpretted Ward's stoic nature. Fitz thinks that means he doesn't care, but it actually is a sign that Ward CARES TOO MUCH. Which is why, of course, Fitz will die by the end of the season, characters with no sense of identity are always easy pickings, plus it will give us Gemma-pain.

Actually, when they went in, I was pretty convinced it was Fitz who was toast, but shooting Skye makes sense if the Clairvoyant wants Coulson to steal the means SHIELD used to resurrect him. I'm pretty sure the Clairvoyant isn't, which means they likely don't know about Skye being a 084, so next episode will likely see her awaken into her powers, but if the Clairvoyant does know about her 084 status, that also makes shooting her make sense, to do just that.
Chris Meadows
18. Robotech_Master
@TorChris: Ah. Well, please, go ahead and finish it up and post it anyway. For the sake of the historical record and all the future people who want to read through the reviews when they binge-watch it, if nothing else.
Colin R
19. Bytowner
So...that leaves me wondering who the Clairvoyant's mole on the Bus is.

Two candidates come to mind.

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