Dec 23 2013 5:00pm Wishes You a Merry Cthulhumas!

Illustration by Scott Brundage. Merry Christmas! May your holidays be free of overwhelming terror.

A quick note: We’ll be posting at a reduced rate over the next week, but we’ll still be offering up great original material. Fans of Doctor Who and Sherlock in particular should keep an eye on us!

1. bookwench
That is *fantastic*! How wonderful. I keep staring at it, watching it change.
Stefan Raets
2. Stefan
Awesome illustration. Merry Cthulhumas to all!
D. Bell
4. SchuylerH
Cthulhu bless us, every one! Sweet dreams, oh Ancient and Terrible One! (While we are on the subject, it looks like SF Signal have the cover and synopsis for The Rhesus Chart.)
Alan Brown
6. AlanBrown
May you all have a happy time celebrating whatever it is you are celebrating this holiday season. (Or a sad time contemplating the numbing emptiness of eldritch horror, if that is what floats your boat.)

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