Dec 9 2013 2:15pm

Some of the Best from 2013 is Free to Download Now!

Some of the Best from 2013

Look at all those sci-fi/fantasy/and then some authors! The 2013 edition of Some of the Best from, an anthology of twenty-one of our favorite stories, selected from the sixty-plus stories we published this year, is currently available for FREE download world-wide through all major ebook retailers.

These stories were acquired and edited for by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Ellen Datlow, Ann VanderMeer, Liz Gorinsky, George R. R. Martin, Noa Wheeler, Melissa Frain, and Claire Eddy. Each story is accompanied by an original illustration.

Want more info on the stories themselves? Take a look below.


Some of the Best of 2013

Table of Contents

For more information on each story, please check out Carl Engle-Laird’s massive post of mini reviews.

Available from:

And all other major ebook retailers.

Creating this short list was a very difficult process. To see all our original fiction publications, please visit our prose index. I would like to thank our authors, editors, artists, and readers for making this a fantastic year of fiction for us.


1. shirbloke
Just tried to download from B&N and got this. I'm in the UK.
We're sorry, but this product is only available within the U.S
2. LilBrownBear
All the links lead to eReader format editions (e.g., for Nook, Kindle, iPad). I've searched on B&N and Amazon and don't see any other formats...

For those whom do not possess such a device, will this be published in other formats, such as PDF?
Irene Gallo
3. Irene

We linked to the US booskstores. If you visit your regualar UK ebook seller, than it shoudl be there. This link should work for Nook users:

I just checked and it is listed there.
4. shirbloke
I hadn't even realised there was a seperate UK site for B&N.
All fixed now - thanks.
Mark Mercer
5. Mark Mercer
How come no Kobo love? has it free as well, both free as in beer and more free-as-in-freedom as a downloadble non-DRM EPUB.
Kobo link:

I happen to have a Kobo (actually 3 - AuraHD e-ink ereader, old gen2 2010-series WiFi ereader, and Arc Android tablet). But the unencrypted and unencumbered EPUB from them would also the the source of choice for people with Sony, iRiver, oddball-unlabeled or strange-brand ereaders, and for their EPUB-reading app of choice like Aldiko or Bluefire on Android, Adobe Digital Editions on Win/Mac, Calibre on Linux/Windows/Mac, etc. Even if Nook is selling it non-DRM, I don't think Nook allows non-Nook-formatted downloads.

Also no problem if out of US. Got it just fine where I now live in Uruguay without firing up the VPN to the States.
Mark Mercer
6. Rob Rusick
I've tried to download this from the Barnes & Noble page, but every time I click on the 'Download Now' link I get a sign-in pop-up (even after I have signed in and have been acknowledged with 'Welcome, Robert' at the top of the page). I have the same problem trying to download the 2012 and 2011 editions.
Mark Mercer
7. Rob Rusick
Talked to someone at Barnes & Noble (via 1-800-The-Book), and the first suggestion for most computer problems (re-boot the computer) turned out to have been the solution.
Mark Mercer
8. zimbee
This is awesome! Thanks for collecting all of these and offering them in this manner! It was a breeze getting it from Amazon.
Mark Mercer
9. flyingczechman
Can't download from Singapore. PDF, pretty please?
Mark Mercer
10. KevinSullivan
Thank you Mark Mercer for the Kobo link!
I tried getting the book at Amazon, but you need some sort of Kindle software, which I don't have or want. I tried Barnes & Noble but their website didn't like my phone number, so that didn't work. The fact that they require my phone number for a free ebook didn't warm me to them either. I didn't get far enough to find out if the ebook was Nook format only, but if it had been then that would have been no good to me either.

But Kobo let me sign up and download the book with no fuss. A DRM-free epub was exactly what I was looking for. I love Tor's DRM-free policy, I just wish their books were easier to actually get at.
Mark Mercer
11. tadmad
What about placing DRM-free epub of Some of the Best on Smashwords?
I'd appreciate that. Thanks!
Mark Mercer
12. David-Gervais
Agree with tadmad.

Also, for those looking for some-of-the-best-from-tor-2013
it is available at
It's an .epub, don't know about DRM status

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