Nov 19 2013 6:00pm

British Vikings Announce Ragnarok is Coming on February 22nd

Ragnarok February 22

So...do you have any plans for February 22nd? You might want to cancel because apparently, it’ll be Ragnarok outside. Last week a proxy for the Norse god Heimdallr (Heimdall in the Marvel-verse) sounded a note on Gjallarhorn, which signals that there are only 100 shopping days left until the Doom of the Gods!

Like February isn’t bleak enough, right? We’re not entirely sure why someone blew the horn, but the Jorvik Viking Centre of York, England is predicting that Doomsday will come this winter, at the end of the feast of Jolablot, which just happens to coincide with their annual Viking Festival. Hmmm....

Ragnarok February 22

So, what to expect from a Viking apocalypse? The giant wolves Skoll and Hati will devour the sun and moon, respectively. Next, Odin All-Father will be vanquished by another wolf, Fenrir (pictured above) and Chris Hemsworth will die in battle with the mighty Midgard serpent Jörmungandr. Then the earth sinks into the seas, and things will be unpleasant for a while. But, the thing to focus on is that after Ragnarok a new age begins! We think. Honestly, the Eddas are pretty vague about it, so probably best to start building an ark now, before there’s a rush.

Marilynn Byerly
1. MByerly
This is just a bargaining ploy by Loki who wants more money and his own movie.
2. GemmaFiles
Don't forget the ship made from dead men's fingernails!
Kit Case
3. wiredog
MByerly @1
You left out "And a chance to direct."
4. DuchessRed
Pish. Everything will be fine as long as a few people hide in ash and alder trees.
5. grimsdottir
Why is a story about the Viking apocalypse introduced with a photo of a black guy? What's wrong, Tor, too racist to show white guys in connection with a Norse holiday?

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