Oct 24 2013 11:59am

Simon & Schuster to Launch Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Imprint!

Simon & Schuster is launching a new imprint for science fiction, fantasy, and horror! Jon Anderson, Executive Vice President and Publisher of S&S Children’s Publishing will oversee the new project, which will publish books aimed at all ages. The imprint, which hasn’t been named yet, will be headed up by Justin Chandra and Joe Monti, with Navah Wolfe as editor.

Simon & Schuster has published SFF authors in the past, including Anne McCaffrey and Ursula K. Le Guin, but Anderson decided it was time for the publisher to have a dedicated imprint.

They plan to publish between 12 and 15 titles each year, possibly beginning in Fall 2014. The imprint will also publish in digital formats, and some current SFF works may be moved under the new imprint’s umbrella.  

Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
Interesting. S&S hasn't done much in SF/fantasy for quite a while other than its long-running Pocket Books Star Trek program.
There was an attempt in the early 2000s to diversify into more original SF, including books from Trek authors like Dayton Ward's The Last World War, Keith R.A. DeCandido's Dragon Precinct, and David Mack's The Calling, but that attempt didn't go very far. It's nice to see that S&S is making a larger effort this time, and I hope it succeeds. Maybe it'll be another opportunity for Trek authors to get original work published.
John C. Bunnell
2. JohnCBunnell
Technical/grammatical note: the PW iteration of the announcement contains an extremely awkward construction which this item amplifies into an unfortunate error. (PW -- and/or S&S's PR team -- look to be mostly at fault for this one, but it really ought to be clarified.)

Specifically, it isn't possible for Margaret K. McElderry to be co-running the new imprint, as she passed away in 2011. As I parse the PW item, the problem is that Mr. Chandra's title includes oversight of three distinct imprints, of which one is Margaret K. McElderry Books. This was badly phrased in the PW item, with the result that the misreading made by Tor's correspondent is all too possible.

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