Oct 11 2013 3:50pm

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Doing a Reddit AMA, Wearing A Bathrobe, and Breaking the Internet Right Now

The Fifth Estate opens next week, and Benedict Cumberbatch is helping to get the word out with a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). And apparently he’s doing it in his bathrobe, over a nice cup of tea. Questions so far have touched on dealing with fame, the possibility of doing more comedy (possibly with Simon Pegg), which Muppet he’d most like to share a scene with, and his next Halloween costume.

But the most memorable moment so far has to be his rather saucy response to the question, “Do you, Matt Smith, and Tom Hiddleston have cheek bone polishing parties?” Cumberbatch begins, “We like nothing better than buffing our Zygoma...” and ends with a nod to Sherlock-Doctor-Loki threesome fantasies destined to inspire 98% of internet fan art for the rest of human existence (if the internet’s still standing by the end of day). The AMA started at 2:30 EST, so you might still be able to sneak in a question or two...

Jenny Thrash
1. Sihaya
Did he say, "Ja bless you all?" Irie.
Joan Kross
2. Joan Kross
I recently saw The fifth estate excellent, (NYC Film Society). I became so taken w/your genius that the minute I entered my apt I turned Netflix on n began watching Sherlock Holmes! Masterful talent, I am in Philadelphia now visiting family, I honestly can not wait to get back to NYC to watch last episode of 2nd season. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Joan Kross. Btw I hav never contacted an actor in my life.

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