Sep 11 2013 10:10am

New Jurassic Park Movie Will Be Called Jurassic World. No, It Will Not Take Place On A Dinosaur Planet.

T-Rex, Dr. Grant, Jurassic Park

It looks as though some concrete plans have finally been made in regard to the new Jurassic Park film. And that includes making the film more of a reboot, maybe? We’re not so sure about this one.

The new film has now been titled Jurassic World. Which seems to make sense at first glance, but rumors from Ain’t It Cool News indicate that the plot for the film surrounds a working Jurassic theme park. Basically, as though John Hammond’s dream had come true, so the dinosaurs can be released on unsuspecting tourists rather than unsuspecting paleontologists.

The film is said to be more a reboot than another sequel. Which sort of breaks our spirits a little because we’re not sure we’re okay with this movie if there’s no chance of seeing Dr. Grant, Dr. Satler, or Ian Malcolm. What about grown up Lex and Tim? Don’t they have a say in all this?

At the very least they could have set the new movie in space on a dinosaur theme park planet. Come on, guys. Show us something we really haven’t seen yet.

Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
I guess I shouldn't have expected the name to apply literally. After all, the majority of the dinosaur (and pterosaur) genera that have appeared onscreen in the Jurassic Park films to date are actually from the Cretaceous.
2. Narvi

Oh god were you that kid in class who'd constantly correct people about that

Mordicai Knode
3. mordicai
Man I am super mad that this is not a hard SF story set in the year 3000 where terraformed Venus is overrun by dinosaurs.

SUPER mad.

1. ChristopherLBennett
2. Narvi

"Mesozoic Park" has a ring to it, right?
Dave Thompson
4. DKT
Huh. Really gonna sit on my hands until I see some footage/trailer, I guess. Hard to be Jurassic Park, much less redo it.

That said, I admit I'm curious to see what director Colin Trevorrow cooks up...I LOVED Safety Not Guaranteed.
Christopher Bennett
5. ChristopherLBennett
@3: Impossible Pictures, the makers of Walking with Dinosaurs and Primeval, did a show called Prehistoric Park, a mockumentary-format series about a team led by wildlife presenter Nigel Marven going back in time and rescuing prehistoric creatures from extinction so they could put them in a nature preserve. It was sort of a halfway point between the nature-documentary-with-embellishments format of WwD and the out-and-out fiction of Primeval. But Jurassic Park was a paragon of safety design compared to Prehistoric Park. They were using wooden fences to try to contain T. rexes and Titanosaurs, and far from controlling the dinosaurs' breeding, they were specifically trying to breed them like a zoo would with endangered species. I know it was just a fantasy framework to dress up an educational show, but man, they really didn't think through the long-term ramifications of what they were doing.
Mordicai Knode
6. mordicai
5. ChristopherLBennett

Hey, North America is mostly devoid of megafauna, bring on the dinos, I say. It is the smaller stuff & the diseases you should be more worried about.
7. Tarcanus
As long as the CGI dinosaurs are up to snuff and I get to see them in action, I really don't care how ridiculous the plot of this movie is. I just want to see the beautiful dinosaurs!

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