Sep 3 2013 1:10pm

Get the First Five Chapters of Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart Free for Kindle!

Brandon Sanderson SteelheartCalamity came—a burst of light in the sky that gave normal men and women people extraordinary powers. But these people didn’t become superheroes you read about in comic books—they became Epics, ruthless and bloodthirsty, and happy to use ordinary humans as their own playthings. People began to believe that heroes would come to save them, but their wait lasted a decade.

David was one who believed, but his faith in the heroes died when his father was murdered by the Epic called Steelheart. He knew then that his time of waiting and hoping was over. Now he will seek out those known as Reckoners, ordinary men and women who have studied ways to defeat the Epics, and he will find Steelheart himself. He will find the Epics’ weakness, and he will have his revenge.

Brandon Sanderson, the bestselling author whose books include The Way of Kings, The Mistborn Trilogy, and the continuation of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, brings you this epic story of vengeance and sacrifice, and now you can read the first five chapters of Steelheart free on your Kindle! Download your excerpt today, and join David on his great adventure.

Keith Buttram
2. Wookster125
Also available for the Nook at Barnes and Noble.
3. Kessler
Audible has 5 chapters available for free and to non-US citzens.
Walker White
4. Walker
I just want to say again how awesome it is that Tor.com is promoting a book from another publisher (even if Brandon is "their" author). This really makes Tor.com stand out as a community and not just a PR front.

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