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A Letter to Robert Jordan from Brandon Sanderson

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Google Play has released a video they filmed during BEA, in which Brandon Sanderson reads aloud a letter he wrote to Robert Jordan after he finished A Memory of Light. Sanderson speaks with touching honesty about the honor and responsibility of finishing Jordan’s series, which shaped him so thoroughly as a writer, without ever having the chance to meet his favorite author. You can see the video below the cut.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot and occasionally random voice of Stubby isn’t crying, it just has spacedust in its viewports.

Deana Whitney
2. Braid_Tug
Thank you Moderators for deleting a very rude first comment.

This is such a great piece and deserved more. Made me cry.
And I think Sanderson is already becoming known for more than just "finishing the WoT."
Michael Beach
3. mgbeach
Sanderson took on and conquered one of the most daunting tasks in publishing history, and saved us from the horror of an unfinished Wheel of Time. If not for that, a lot of people (myself included) might never have been introduced to Brandon's own work, which would have been a tragedy all its own.
4. RgeLdr
I agree, with the above posts. I think that he did an incredible job on picking up where Robert Jordan left off and I have very much enjoyed all of Brandon Sanderson's other works. This video was very touching, and I am glad that Brandon shared it with all of us.
5. Maac
You don't have to be a fan of the work of either of these writers to see the beauty in this lovely tribute. And it is. Beautiful.
6. BlackAjah
Are there any AMOL spoilers here before I watch? THANK YOU!!!!
Deana Whitney
8. Braid_Tug
@ 6, BlackAjah: no spoliers. Safe to watch. Just a really great message.
Tricia Irish
9. Tektonica
Wonderful. Brandon did an incredible job, at a daunting task. I thank him, Harriet, and Team Jordan for thinking enough of the fans, as well as Jims Life Work, to see The Wheel of Time completed.....beautifully.

And Brandon's already making his own way, admirably!

Thanks for sharing this touching letter.
10. alreadymadwithspoilers
Not unless you consider the date when the book was completed a spoiler. :P
11. Stella C
Aaaand, it's raining in my house. Why is it raining in my house?
(No, Mom! I'm not crying!)
Lynn McDonald
12. meal6225
What if Brandon does a book signing in Long Island and Teresa (forget her last name!) the medium is a fan and does a "reading" for him!
Maybe John Edwards is a fan too?
I don't think Brandon has much to worry about escaping the shadow of AMOL. WoK after one book has the makings of a great epic and 9 chapters into Steelheart and this book is going to be fantastic--and a make a good movie!
13. bdaniel230
Brandon; Thank you so much for finishing the Wheel of Time. Your work stands on its own and your contribution to WoT fits as well as anyone could have expected, not being RJ. The Mistborn series has kept me interested, Elantris did a very good job in filling in those holes that RJ left and the Song of Ice and Fire never seemed to fill. What ever you hear from others just remember the words of Napoleon from Animal Farm. Two legs bad, four legs good. I am proud to be of two legs and I hope you are as well. Let the four legs be among themselves and disregard their oinks.
14. rpfrimmer
I also would like to thank Brandon for the work he did to complete the series. I think you did great credit to the story and characters that Robert Jordan brought to life in this fantastic series.

I know that they were very large shoes to fill, and in my opinion you did a great job.

I was a fan of your work from the Mistborn series as well as Elantris. They left me wanting more and when I heard you had been selected to finish The Wheel of Time series, I was very excited.

Well done.
15. BhillTX
WOT got me through a really difficult time in my life. It enabled me to step outside myself and crappy situations long enough to decompress, get up and do it again. Brandon did an abosultely amazing job in finishing the series, thus letting me complete the saga in a much better time. I have no doubt that he will be know as Brandon Sanderson and not "The guy who finished WOT". Already, his Mistborn series and the beginnings of the Stormlight Archives are amazing worlds that stand on their own feet.
Thanks for your efforts so far, thanks in advance for future good reads, and lastly props for honoring a literary great's legacy.
Nate Smith
16. Worldbuilding
I've yet to read any of Brandon Sanderson's work but I became a fan of his after listening to "Writing Excuses". However, I'm on book 7 of WoT and I'm looking forward to reading the final few books.

Also, Mistborn has intruiged me so hopefully I'll get to read that some day.

I just wanted to come here and say how I love Brandon's voice! He has such a great accent.

17. AlcatrazSmedryFans
My boys were introduced to Brandon through Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians, and then lucky enough to meet him in Utah where he was the keynote speaker at a conference for jr high/high school boys about college, careers, and their future. This was before he got so well known, and they were able to take pictures and talk with him and he was so great, answered all their questions, never seemed hurried or bored, asked questions about them and was interested in their answers. They still talk about it. My oldest still quotes him "Find what you love, then do the work to get there." They have now grown up (20 and 16) and have read everything of his, preorder anything new, and are still hoping for the 5th Alcatraz book he mentioned at a signing... (hint, Brandon...). We discovered Wheel of Time from being fans of Brandon, not the other way around, and think not only is Robert Jordan amazing, but Brandon is as well, doing agreat job of completing the series. So glad WoT was completed, and also that more Brandon Sanderson works are on the way!

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