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Want More of the 9 Realms? Of Course You Do. Watch This Thor: The Dark World Featurette and Feel Better

Thor the Dark World, Sif

The latest featurette (which promises to be on the Iron Man 3 DVD/Blu-Ray release) for Thor: The Dark World is basically just the actors explaining to us how incredibly epicly epic everything is going to be. Which we couldn’t have figured out from the excellent trailers we’ve aready seen.

Still. A few more glimpses couldn’t hurt, right?

So keep an eye for the roots of the world tree, Heimdall’s helmet being set down in front of Thor (presumably by Heimdall), and some gorgeous landscapes that are probably magical. Amongst many other lovely things.

Time for some wild speculation based on really pretty screencaps!

Thor the Dark World

By Odin’s ravens it’s...Odin’s ravens! Nice one, Thor: The Dark World.


Thor the Dark World

Jane is in a lot of these screencaps because she is up to a lot of weird stuff, it seems! She and Thor are here in a cavern, but is this near the end of the film? It’s an intimate scene, judging by the camera set-up. Are they saying goodbye?


Thor the Dark World

Look at how cute these two are! Jane is astounded and Thor is so proud he can barely keep the smile off of his face. We think these two kids are going to be alright, you guys.


Thor the Dark World

Or not, because what is this weird-looking flying ship thing doing?


Thor the Dark World

Oh, clearly crashing into Asgard. But why?


Thor the Dark World

In the first Thor film, Thor explained the different realms as essentially different parts of the World Tree. Is this an actual root from it?


Thor the Dark World

Our production manager Chris refuses to believe that this isn’t Arthur Darvill from Doctor Who. “Rory? Rory what you are doing there?” he keeps asking. “Do you work for Thor now that you can’t work for the Doctor?”


Thor the Dark World

A clearly ravaged Thor, Jane, and Loki hike towards an icy plain. They look pretty banged up, and the trailers have shown dark elves on those same plains before.


Thor the Dark World

Christopher Eccleston’s antagonist Malekith, holding Jane in this weird swirling dust storm seemingly by force of will. Thor seems to be on the other side of the storm, trying to get in.


Thor the Dark World

Thor’s mom Frigga, about to cut someone up while her son’s human girlfriend watches. This is probably going to be an awesome scene.


Thor the Dark World

Whaaat is going on here?

jon meltzer
1. jmeltzer
If I remember my sixties Thor comics correctly: Odin, wanting to end the whole Thor-Jane romance thing, decided to scare the hell out of Jane by exposing her to some Lovecraftian horror that lived underneath Asgard.

It worked. (Because Jack Kirby found Jane boring and wanted to write her out.)

That ending, though, will Not Work today. I expect Jane to emerge triumphant, because she's Natalie Portman.
2. Tesh
@1 There's a different dynamic here, though. From what I've read, Ms. Portman isn't terribly happy working on the film any more. Perhaps she's looking for an exit as well.

If I remember my comics, Thor winds up marrying Sif anyway.
jon meltzer
3. jmeltzer
Well, if Portman really wants to leave:

Jane defeats the shoggoth, and Thor reacts: "you've proved yourself a true Asgardian warrior!"

Jane's response: "This is crazy. I don't have to prove anything!"

And _she_ breaks up with _him_.
4. Narg
@3. Jmelzer - you've got it wrong. She falls in love with the shoggoth, and leaves Thor for it. Thor is devastated and thunders off in rage.

And that picture of her without a helmet and wearing a woefully inadequate suit of armour - no arm protection except for the vambrace? Wait till some smart cookie snaps her elbow with his club ...
Melissa Spray
5. meowwl
Link fail on the video. "This video is private." Blarg.
6. Themis1
Same issue with video - possibly only available in the States?
7. Bookwyrme
Not available in this state, at any rate...

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