Aug 20 2013 3:40pm

Fonts Responsible for Giving Away New J.J. Abrams Book Project, S.

S. J.J. Abrams Doug Dorst

Bleeding Cool has the scoop on just what that tricky little trailer released by Bad Robot yesterday amounts to; it was all a matter of matching the fonts of an advertisement to the trailer itself. And shockingly enough—it’s a book!

The book in question is called S., penned by Doug Dorst after being conceptualized by Abrams himself. Dorst is responsible for the Emperor Norton Award-winning Alive in Necropolis, and a short fiction collection titled The Surf Guru. Which... sounds nothing like what’s going on here, but we’ve got the breakdown of what S. has in store for us:

“...it’s a book riddled with Mystery Box thinking as, apparently, parts of the story will be told through 20-odd real world artefacts. Like an epistolary novel that’s been exploded and scattered.”

So maybe like a book version of Tomb Raider? The Amazing Race? A different kind of Bridget Jones’ Diary? Sounds like S. has a lot to pull off, though we’re sure if it does well, it will go straight to Hollywood for some kind of big, explode-y treatment. But we will discover its mysteries on October 29th when the book hits shelves!

The publisher, Mullholland Books, was contacted about this connection and had no official response on the matter.

Stubby the Rocket is the Tor.com mascot. Stubby thinks the title of this book is a reference to that time Stubby only went by initials. StR forever, man.

1. ilgiallomondadori
Sounds terrible. I'm tired of JJ and his mystery boxes. When you bill your novel as being written around mystery box thinking (and capitalize mysery box, to boot - has JJ copywrited mystery box?), I'm out.
Into Darkness was so damn awful, too.
2. Joe A
I think Abrams gets a bad wrap because of how LOST ended. He has successfully rebooted a new version of Star Trek and done it masterfully. He was able to make an amazing show, in FRINGE, that simply ran into a ratings system that discounts how the average viewer watches TV shows in the 21st century, namely the DVR/Tivo. He has great vision, a great eye for talent, and a great directorial style. He has a bajillion awesome ideas that most people would love to have just one of, and he still is at the forefront of giving Science Fiction/Fantasy a firm place in the worldwide mainstream consciousness. He has made it more commonplace and more cool to be geeky and nerdy, and for all that he has done, he should be applauded.

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