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Words of Radiance Release Date Has Moved

When Is Words Of Radiance Coming Out? Stormlight Archive 2 Brandon Sanderson Way of Kings SequelTor.com has just been informed that, in order to make sure Words of Radiance receives all the care it needs to become the perfect sequel to The Way of Kings that we all want it to be, Brandon Sanderson has requested more time to work on the novel. As such, the release date has been tentatively rescheduled for March 4th. After receiving notes from his editor and his agent, Sanderson is hard at work on the second draft of his fantasy epic. He expects to complete several more drafts before the novel is ready for production, in order to make sure Words of Radiance is up to the high standard set by the first volume in the saga.

Tor.com will keep an eye out for any further Stormlight Archive news. You can also follow Brandon Sanderson for updates on his blog or on Twitter.

Nick Hlavacek
1. Nick31
It'll be worth waiting for, I'm sure. :)
Deana Whitney
2. Braid_Tug

Well, now I know what I'm doing for my birthday!
Sending husband and child away while I read!
Shaun D
3. Shaun D
Ridiculous!!How many months does it take to correct the book?!
Shaun D
4. Horneater_Goldeneyes
Well this went from Chriatmas gift to late Christmas gift to birthday gift!
Deana Whitney
5. Braid_Tug
@3, Shaun D - can take over a year, depending on the writer.

We don't want to rush it. Otherwise you get jacked up timelines like in Towers of Midnight in the WoT books.

Let's just be happy that Sanderson is not GRRM!
David Behrens
6. Windrunner17
Not gonna lie, I'm a little bummed by this. It's gone from a maybe in November 2013 to March 2014. That's about five months. I'd hoped that the drafting wouldn't take this long. Perhaps the interior art isn't finished yet?

Brandon's assisstant, Peter Ahlstrom, has the timeline for Words of Radiance pretty well worked out already.
Shaun D
7. Natenanimous
@3 - For every correction and change that's made, an author has to consider how it affects everything else in the book, and adjust accordingly. It's a tedious, mind-numbing process that takes quite a bit of time, but it's the only way to make a book better.
Nadine L.
8. travyl
And given the fact that this again is a 1000 pages book - at least twice as long as most others, it's bound to take more time. Though I highly anticipate the book, I'm willing to wait until the author is happy with what he's done with the book, gives us a better book than we would get if they'd just released it in first draft status in november.
Shaun D
9. BoileratLaw
Ala George RR Martin, Brandon Sanderson is not your B!tch. Looking forward to this book no matter how long it takes!!
Shaun D
10. ilgiallomondadori
Wasn't much of a fan of the first one. Really, really long, and not very interesting. I expected sort of Dark Sun meets Black Company, but it was all too silly for me. People leaping about in magic armor and conjuring magic swords. Anyway, I'm in the minority, I know - people love Sanderson, and this book - I'm just not sure why. This is the only Sanderson I've ever tried, though.
Jordan Hibbits
11. rhandric
As much as a delay makes me anxious, I'd rather a well polished book released a bit later, than a hastily edited book pushed out early to appease people. That is to say, I can't wait for the next book to come out, but I appreciate that quality work takes time.

And I have to say, I'm so glad that people who aren't fans of the series, and thus don't care when the book is released, feel obliged to point that out /rolleyes
Matt Stoumbaugh
12. LazerWulf
At least we have The Rithmatist and Steelheart to give us our Sanderson fix...
Shaun D
13. Duerrienda
As much as I'd like to imagine that Sanderson is a wizard that can magic out literary gold on his very first try, he's just a dude. He may be incredibly talented and incredibly prolific, but he also has two other books coming out this year, and that means touring, etc. to promote them, which takes away time from editing and stuff. I'm glad that he knows how many passes he needs to make a really stellar story instead of just pushing out something crappy to rake in more dollars.
Shaun D
14. redbronZe
I will wait with patience for a much better book. Plus all of you impatient ones read the books Brandon writes inbetween. How many writers do this?
William Carter
15. wcarter
@10. ilgiallomondadori

Way of Kings really isn't a good jumping on point for Sanderson's work. I would suggest the Mistborn trilogy for that.

As for why people enjoy it? That's simple: a unique world with interesting and original flora and funa. In short, no elves, dwarves, dragons, halflings etc.

Sanderson is known for his magic systems and focus on religions in fantasy settinges. Way of Kings is dense because it gives us a massive set up. But at the end of the day we still really don't know all that much about what is going on or how things work yet in that world. So I can see where if it was your only experience with him as a writer, you might not have enough faith to continue the series.
Scott Silver
16. hihosilver28
I'm not surprised. Or even really disappointed. I hope he'll take as long as he needs to get the book where he wants it. This is his magnum opus for the epic fantasy, and once it's out, it's out. So, I'd rather him get it where he wants it and me have to wait a few extra months. I cannot imagine the work that goes into producing a 1000 page behemoth that has to work perfectly in a 10-book plan. Besides, it's not like we didn't get two other books from him this year.
Barry T
17. blindillusion
I've always wanted a reason to anticipate March...and now Brandon has given me one. The guy is awesome...and thoughtful.

Seriously tough, however long it takes to make the best quality book...well worth the wait.

(On a side note...any thoughts on the instant gratification epidemic sucking creativity out of pretty much everything these days? *yawn*)
Flint Timmins
18. Giovanotto
And here I was all excited after the cover art reveal yesterday... still I guess a few more months won't hurt. Brandon releases enough material to keep me busy anyway.
Shaun D
19. FJAdams
Waiting a few extra months for the next book, big whoop.

Think how those of us that were fans of Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children felt waiting for each sequel.

The Clan of the Cave Bear. 1980
The Valley of Horses. 1982
The Mammoth Hunters. 1985
The Plains of Passage. 1990
The Shelters of Stone. 2002
The Land of Painted Caves. 2011

Six books in thirty one years, compared to a few extra months for the second. Not even in the same world.
Shaun D
20. CUWomack
This is terrible! I ain't getting any younger! just send it to me sanderson, I'll check it over for ya
Shaun D
21. Goldenhand the Just
All the complaints about having to wait until March are jokes right?

Because since 2005 Brandon Sanderson has released 13 books and 2 novellas a short story and 3 Wheel of Time novels.

That's about 2 books a year. That is an insane output. If he writes any faster he'll sprain something.
Jennifer B
22. JennB
Well I guess I know what I will be doing for my birthday. Looking forward to it.
Shaun D
23. CuriousOnlookers
One of the most tragic things that can happen to a truly genius artist is that they start cranking out mediocre work (by their standards at least) to meet deadlines set by companies who know they'll make money off it just because of the name on the front.
If Sanderson wants to wait until he feels this is ready, then I'm 110% in support of his decision, and I've gained a huge respect for Tor for being willing to accomodate the needs and decisions of the artist.
Props to everyone involved.
Alice Arneson
24. Wetlandernw
blindillusion @17 - No additional thoughts on the subject, except to note that it certainly seems to be happening. Not that long delays necessarily mean high quality - that still depends on the originator - but I'm always happy to see someone like Sanderson decide that he's willing to delay the release because that's what it will take to do it right.

Each revision he does is based on quality input - his own read-through, his alpha readers, his editor, his assistant, his beta readers - and each revision will incorporate things that make it better. Whether that be timeline corrections, physical descriptions, what characters know or don't know... all of it goes toward making it a more polished book, with fewer glitches to pull us out of the story. I'm all for that. I love to love a book without making mental corrections.

Goldenhand the Just @21 - "If he writes any faster he'll sprain something." LOL!!

Also? Hear! Hear!

Seriously, I'm loving all the support I see here. So far, anyway, we've only got about 10% whine and 90% "do what it takes, we'll wait" going on. This is awesome - and shows a level of discernment that has often been lacking in response to such announcements in the past. It might be because those who have commented so far are the more intelligent folk, or it might be because the readers in general are beginning to understand that "You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles." :)
Anthony Pero
25. anthonypero
Yea for common sense! Brandon has a young family, and the vast majority of the words he's previously written predated those kids. Then he spent the first 4 years of their lives working non-stop. Slow down! As he's said on his blog, his "buffer" was just about empty last year, so I would expect to see a significantly longer (for him) time between releases from now on. I think he averaged 500,000 published words a year for the past 5 years. That's an insane amount. It settle for 300,000 a year and still think he's insane.
Anthony Pero
26. anthonypero

I would just like to point out that after a FIRST draft, you are not "correcting" a book, you are, in some cases, completely rewriting it. Authors often have to insert or delete whole characters and plotlines from the novel at this stage. I think on Warbreaker, BS was still changine characters on the 4th draft.
Jeremy Guebert
27. jeremyguebert
Nothing much to add except that to chime in that I am also willing to wait as long as necessary for it to be polished up to Brandon's exceptionally high standards. So encouraging to see a sensible and stalwart fanbase for my favorite author.
Shaun D
28. Careliss
What an absolutely wonderful birthday gift for myself! Gives me time to reread as well as work my way through the the pile of "Unreads".
David Goldfarb
29. David_Goldfarb
A year from now, nobody will remember whether the book came out in November 2013 or March 2014. Ten years from now, people will remember whether the book was a raw first draft or properly edited and polished. If the extra time is needed (and I can well believe that it is), take it.
Brent Longstaff
30. Brentus
He works really hard and should be given all the time he wants. I'm looking forward to reading the finished version, and am glad that's the version he intends to publish.
Shaun Duquette
31. MorpheusStone
@Everyone who replied:I'm just tired of authors saying one month,then jacking it way longer.If he needed until March then say so from the beginning and not get us all psyched up by excerpts and interlude videos.
Paul Chauvet
32. chauvetp
Writing is not an exact science. Its not like he said six months ago "I'm going to need until March 2014 but will lie and say late 2013". I'm sure he thought he would have it done by then but things change. I'd rather him take his time and get it right. BTW - Sanderson's 2012 & 2013 releases:

- Legion
- Emperor's Soul
- Rithmatist
- A Memory of Light
- Steelheart

Five books in two years (plus a short story or two) aren't enough for you? Seriously! You must thankfully not be fans of Steven King's Dark Tower while that was being written, or as other posters have mentioned, Jean Aule or George R. R. Martin.
Alice Arneson
33. Wetlandernw
Morph @31 - He had hoped to finish the first draft by the beginning of April, so that he could be writing new stuff (along with the revisions on WoR) all summer. Had that happened, November would have been realistic. Creativity doesn't always schedule well, however, especially when you're working around cute new babies, publication of and tours for incredibly popular books, appearances at various Cons, and... well, life in general.

So it took him three months more than he'd hoped to finish the first draft - and there's a reason the first draft is called "rough." Even now, when he's starting the third draft, there's plenty of work to be done. He's got to consider and incorporate a novel's worth of comments from his editor, his agent, and his assistant (IIRC, the number "80,000 words of comments" was tossed out, though I could be wrong); after that, it will probably go to his beta readers for another round of input, which will result in at least one more draft. After that, it has to go through copy-editing and printing; March is a pretty good target. When you stop to think about it, though, each of those steps contributes to a more polished end product.

To quote a very wise statement:

A year from now, nobody will remember whether the book came out in November 2013 or March 2014. Ten years from now, people will remember whether the book was a raw first draft or properly edited and polished.

(Well said, sir! Well said.)

Also chauvetp @32 - Exactly! Not like we're suffering a dearth of output or anything... I'm eagerly awaiting Steelheart, as well as the Dangerous Women anthology. Good stuff in there.
D. Pack
34. Wringleader
March is not too long a delay. Gives me a chance to read Steelheart and re-read WoK.
Shaun D
35. Chloe236246
I'm so glad it was delayed to be improved rather than just settled for. I'd wait any amount of time to know that Brandon got to engage his process and is 100% satisfied the book is what he wants it to be. Thanks for your patience, Tor. Please don't ever bow to pressure from impatient people.
Shaun D
36. Brian S
I'm actually kind of dumbfounded. Mr. Sanderson has always met his deadlines as far back as I can remember, and even released books early on occasion. I think between all the cons, signings, writing excuses, and writing projects he has on his plate at the moment, that he should take a long hard look at how realistic his time tables are now that he has semi-officially screwed the pooch on a deadline. I love his writing, but frankly, some of the books he has written recently have been on the not interested list for me.
Shaun D
37. Vauric
We should all remember that the January deadline was not a date suggested originally by Brandon.

While we're all disappointed to not be getting the book earlier, let's try to remember that he's just getting back into a state he hasn't been for years, that being NOT being responsible for WoT. That's going to take some adjustment time.

And if his adjustment time comes with getting the Rithmatist and Steelheart this year, and then WOR in March, I'm fine with that. See how many other authors you can find with that kind of quality and results.
Shaun D
38. miriam12
I can't deny that I'm very sad about the delay, but I understand. I'd rather get a great book late than a decent or good book early. Also, Sanderson has published two books this year alone with a third coming out in a couple of months. Holy crap, if any author is entitled to a delay in publishing, it's Brandon Sanderson.
handyman London
39. handymanlondon
I'm intrigued in the title so I guess it will be worthy of waiting.
Anthony Pero
40. anthonypero
Brian S @ 36

You forgot "raising small children", which, I assure you, takes up more time than all the other things on that list of yours.

As far as the rest goes... Most of that falls under the heading of "marketing", something he's very, very good at, and without which, he would probably not be the number one seller in the genre right now.

The other, that he's writing books that are on your "not interested" list, is simply a matter of your personal taste, which you are completely entitled to. From a business perspective, however, having some books that are not to your tastes is a really, really good thing. It means they are probably to somebody else's taste. Which means a new customer, which means... he gets to keep writing the books you like.
Jennifer B
41. JennB
Sanderson is very up front with his writing process. More so than any fan could possibly hope for. For those complaining that this was some sort of bait and switch, this couldn't be further from the truth. He is very good about keeping his progress bars on his projects updated. Anyone could see that the first draft had been delayed and there was no way the book could be released in a couple of months.
Shaun D
42. Mitch9280
Like a fine wine, it gets better with age.
Jennifer Fiddes
43. junefaramore
His wife is a saint or he wouldn't even have this much output. People should stop being so damn greedy. March isn't even that long of an extention compared to say....I don't know....GRR MARTIN. And many others.

I am happy to wait. Way life is going for me I will neither have the time or the money to read this till at least March anyway.
Shaun D
44. Trae
Can I just say that I want to read the book? I'm SO NOT the theorist or the prospector (so to speak) of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmereosophy!. I don't want to speculate on ANYTHING! I just want to come to know the author's direction via HIS words as written. I'm an avid reader and the written word is all that matters to me; theories abide while the author's imagination surpasses us all. (In my humble opinion, Brandon Sanderson's imagination will continue to challenge and baffle us all for years to come!) As to this, I hope so ... very much!
Shaun D
45. Advo
I just wished Sanderson would focus on one or two series and not have quite so many running concurrently.
Alice Arneson
46. Wetlandernw
Advo @45 - In his own words, regarding the Stormlight Archive series:
"I don't want to let this series languish with three year gaps between books, as I was forced to do between books one and two. Because of this, I'll try to be doing them at 18 month or 24 month intervals at the most. Do note that the books, at around a thousand pages each, are HUGE undertakings. The way I write, I have to space out projects like this. They'll be regular, I promise, but part of the reason I'm so productive is because I allow myself freedom to work on different projects, instead of being beholden to one series."
Yes, he has several series "active" at the moment, and various other small projects that pop up in between. The thing is, most writers simply have to take time off between major books - they go to Hawaii, or Disneyland, or whatever, but they take time off from writing in order to refresh themselves and be able to return to writing without burning out. (Most of us do this, right? We take vacations and things, in the hope that we can return to work more ready to... well, work. And writing is work, make no mistake.)

The unusual thing about Sanderson is that he takes that refreshing, recharging break by writing something else. So the fact that he has multiple things going doesn't mean he's getting distracted; it just means that his needed (and well-deserved) "vacation" produced a bonus story (or several) for us.
Shaun D
47. hashsw
I am going to love the book whenever it comes out, I'm sure... this book is the only thing I wanted for Christmas this year, and it's been delayed a couple of times now, so I'm rather disappointed. But, if it means that Brandon will be satisfied with his work in the extra months, I can live with it. What it means to me, however, is that I'm not going to look forward to any release date, but just get it when I can and try to limit the anticipation.
James Briggs
48. traveler
I rember the long intervals between books for the wheel of time. BWS gives us other things to read while he works on WOR. Wetlander has it right, and I enjoy all of his other books also, and am glad that his work ethic is amazing. I read these books over and over and still enjoy them each time I read them. I cant wait for the next book , but am glad that he will keep a high standered of excelence . so the anticipation is fine with me.(Also it wont be as cold when we camp out for this book signing) hooray
Alice Arneson
49. Wetlandernw
briggs2 @48 - "Also it wont be as cold when we camp out for this book signing" LOL! Nothing like a quick dose of pragmatism... You waited outside in the depth of winter for AMoL, didn't you? Maybe book 3 will come out in September 2015, and you can actually be comfy. It's a good rationale. :)

Also - thanks for the confirmation.
Shaun D
50. Mark jaeger
THANK GOD! I thought Sanderson was going to do the same thing Patrick rothfluss did with wise man's fear (take 3 years) Thank you TOR! Way of kings was amazing and if it takes a couple more months to make just as intricate and amazing book, I'm ok with that.
Shaun D
51. JohnW
@50 Mark jaeger:

What are you talking about? There was a 4 year gap between Rothfuss' Kingkiller books (2007-2011), and there will be a 3.5 year gap between Sanderson's first two Stormlight books (assuming the next one really does come out in March 2014). So Sanderson did will take almost as long as Rothfuss to release the second book in the series. Hopefully, as Sanderson has promised, he does not take as long for the third book (18-24 months, Rothfuss has already passed that).
Shaun D
52. Bobby Clarke
Damn, my birthday is on the 5th, I will get no sleep for it now. Also at 51, Sanderson wrote the last wheel of time in that gap as well, that was not an easy book to write.
Shaun D
53. Cathryn
Flying flapjacks! I was excited because I just got my mission call and I'm leaving at the end of January when I thought I'd be leaving in October... so I thought this book would be released before I left. And that I'd be able to devour its awesomeness.
Oh, well. Guess I'll just have to read it after I get back. It will be stupendous either way. :) Hopefully my family won't spoil it for me.
Shaun D
54. Poe
It could be a bit of polishing as well as being well positioned for next years Hugo nominations...especially if it is going to be as good as I hope it will be.
Shaun D
55. Capt D
Has Brandon announced how long Words of Radiance will be compared to The Way of Kings?
Alice Arneson
56. Wetlandernw
Capt D @55 - It was supposed to be shorter, but... it got longer (per his tweet a few days ago). By the time it gets through editing, I expect it will be about the same length. At this rate, we'll all have quite the collection of doorstops!
Shaun D
57. Ailema
Actually I thought the book was coming out this summer, for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm also waiting for other books being released from July to August. So to find out it's coming out in March is very exciting. I'm doing a reread of WoK now to keep me busy.

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