Jul 8 2013 1:00pm

The Halo Kilo-Five Trilogy Will Conclude This January

Halo Mortal Dictata Karen TravissTor Books and 343 Industries™ are excited to announce the forthcoming January 2014 publication of Halo: Mortal Dictata by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss. Traviss has penned #1 bestselling novels in the Star Wars universe, as well as bestselling novels for the Gears of War franchise, and this winter she completes the “Kilo-Five” story, her trilogy set in the Halo® universe.

Based on the universe and characters from the multimillion copy selling Xbox video games, Mortal Dictata completes a trilogy set in the Halo universe, and ties into the story of Halo 4, which launched in November 2012. 

Read a chapter from Halo: Glasslands, the first book in the trilogy, and keep your ears open at this year’s San Diego Comic Con for more news about the Halo universe!

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1. ThePendragon
Wow, I've been waiting a long time for this. About bloody time. Although it's still quite a wait. Great series though.
Kristoff Bergenholm
2. Magentawolf
That cover does absolutely nothing for me, however..
3. Nayef
The helmet in the cover isnt worn by spartan 2s. Where as naomi the spartan in focus of this trilogy is spartan 2.
The first book was very slow paced and ended just when it started to become interesting, the second one was great. I hope the third one wont disappoint
4. Justinian
"Nayef" You never know about that helmet, remember her armor has a nanite system and they also have the huragok. Anything can happen between here and there.

Aside from that "Fantastic trilogy" I can't wait for this book!
5. Jester1381
The ODSTs also got a new set of ONI armor...that could be one of theirs.
6. bakteria
I just hope not to see a sort of deja vu from a former stars wars writer: it could only be so desapointing to turnaround Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader roles and put this time the kid in a spartan suit (Naomi) and the father as a human terrorist and hear the phrase from Naomi:

"Staffan, I am your daughter!"

I just hope this family reunion unfoldes otherwise... not in a predictable way.
7. Kurt051
Will this really be the last book of the series? What about Jul? What about the civil war? Come man, this was a good read but it doesn't answer anything from The Thursday War...please tell me there's another one on the way..
I agree with Kurto51. They need to do a fourth book that wraps it up with the civil war, jul, and the love affairs in kilo five. I know it's a trilogy but still, it's a great series and should have more than 3 books
9. Mr MintMocha
Please be another book after this one. I want the halo series to continue past halo 4 and finish explaining how the war got started again and the love story man the love story.

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