Jul 8 2013 3:40pm

Matt Fraction Will Fight You For Shaming Cosplayers About Their Weight

Matt Fraction note to cosplay shamersNo, it’s not a polite note. It shouldn’t be a polite note. Recently, comic author Matt Fraction was sent a little thank you on Tumblr from user thetadoctor that was uplifting and rage-inducing all at once. She told him that his positive responses to her cosplaying as Hawkeye had meant a lot because she was often made fun of for her weight when in costume. Matt Fraction responded by giving her a letter to thrust in the faces of those who decide that a fan celebrating at a convention (or anywhere else) is cause for derision.

You’re my hero, Matt Fraction. And we hope that thetadoctor keeps doing her thing because she rocks that cosplaying gig to the max.

Mordicai Knode
1. mordicai
Since this is Matt Fraction, I'd like to think that when she brandishes the note, there is a caption with an absurdly over-wrought & wonderful name for it. I suggest "The Cruel & Cutting Parchment Technique for Defense."
2. wingracer
So often when someone resorts to the use of a cuss word as a comeback, that is all they do. Throw out an F bomb as if that is the end all, be all of insults. But as I once heard Russel Crow explain, a cuss word by itself is nothing, it must have context. This has context. Simple, beautiful, descriptive context. Well done.
3. shortymonster
Dude needs a knighthood for his services to geekery.
4. CP
Amazing response. Matt is indeed awesome. And so is Toki!
5. Rachelbob
This is simply amazeballs. The "cruel and cutting parchment technique for defense" indeed. :) I lurve it times infinity.
6. Claire Evers
Amazing, I totally agree!!
7. NickM
I have no idea who Matt Fraction is. In two paragraphs, it has been made apparent to me that I need to correct this.

Thank you, Emily.
8. jason cummings
They should have included a picture of the fan in full costume. Size matters not, neither does sophistication of costume. Intent is everything. so when you love something showing it should be rewarded. :)
9. Anthea Brainhooke
Jason, then isn't your comment proof that a picture was unnecessary? ;)
10. ferret
So am I not allowed to state that a costume is not hiow I see the character, or that the wearer's body type does not do justice to the character?
If so, then how about some "Yes, Minister" phrases, such as "an interesting interpretation", "unique", "bold", or maybe "a chibi version!"?
I assume this works for males as well, e.g. for the overweight guy in the batman outfit or the weedy "Incredible Hulk".
Maybe I should wear my "devil's advocate outfit to more events.
Just saying in the name of fairness.

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