Jul 6 2013 6:00am

Get Jay Kristoff’s Stormdancer eBook for Just $2.99!


Jay Kristoff’s steampunk adventure Stormdancer (excerpt here), is on sale for the low price of $2.99! (Update: This sale was a one-day offer for July 6th and has now concluded.) This first entry in The Lotus War series is set in a steampunk dystopia that has the flavor of feudal Japan. We join Yukiko on her hunt for a Thunder Tiger: thought to be myth, the half-eagle, half-tiger is wounded, furious, and not at all happy to be dependent on Yukiko when the two are stranded together in the wilderness. Will the woman and the tiger work together to survive? When the Shogun learns of the tiger’s existence, will Yukiko’s secret powers allow them to escape?

Get your copy of Stormdancer for only $2.99, and join them on their adventure! Stormdancer is available (in the U.S. and many other territories) at these ebook retailers or your favorite ebook provider! 

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1. involunteer
RIght now, the Nook version is not reflecting the 2.99 price.
2. AwesomeAud
I have a Sony... Is it available in Epub?
Amit Kotwal
3. amitkotwal
The Kindle version shows a price of $10.67 too.
Arthur Principe
4. speljester
Seems only the ibooks version and the kindle version went to 2.99 and that was only for a day. I checked the nook store every few hours the day of the post and every day since.
Now they are all back to regular price.
A very short sale indeed.
Disapointing because I like to keep all my books from the same vendor and was not able to get the sale price on the nook.
This is on my reading list too.

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