Jul 18 2013 12:15pm

Battle School Ain’t Like Dustin’ Crops in New Ender’s Game Battle School Clip

Ender's Game Battle School clips

Harrison Ford welcomes us to Battle School in this new series of clips from Ender’s Game, featuring extended sequences of the initial alien invasion from the series. Look at how poorly we did! Look at how Mazer Rackham was the only professional in the room sky!

Wait, now we’re scared. Why did we sign up for Battle School?

Stephen Sywak
1. Boothby171
Was I the only one shouting out, "Honey, I'm ho-ome!"?
3. pmarq
Well, I think Harrison has the 'Graff is tired' thing down pat. Now, will he gain 50lbs and 'take root' in his swivel chair?
4. AlC

So Mazer Rackam showed that he was a military genius by blowing up the BIGGEST, MOST STATIONARY SHIP IN THE INVASION?

I was really hoping they would find a way to keep the technical and strategic aspects that show why it was only Mazer (and possibly only Ender) who could recognize how to defeat the enemy.
John Cunningham
5. EasyEight
...isn't that how the crazy drunk crop duster guy killed the alien ship in Independence Day?? Rammed his fighter plane into a ship a mile wide and it blew up?? Too bad they didn't use anything from the book re: Mazer's struggle, and since it was a personal up-close fight, it would even seque nicely into the personal up-close fights in battle school. Oh well...
Rich Bennett
6. Neuralnet
what was that?? Wasnt the battle supposed to be in space? and are they showing us Mazer Rackam just got lucky to get through the swarm and ram his plane into the biggest ship rather than cleverly figuring out which was the one ship he had to take out?? I thought Rakam was in the movie, but from the clip it looks like he probably died taking out the command ship. I did like how the enemy ships looked like a swarm of bugs though... I thought it defintely gave you the impression that they behaved like insects/bees with a hive mind
Matt Stoumbaugh
7. LazerWulf
Is it just me, or do the Formic ships look like mini-Millennium Falcons?
10. Freelancer
Bridget, you rock.

I think that what we're seeing here is the "for public consumption" vid used as propaganda, rather than the discovered, pieced-together "here's how Rackham really did it". You wouldn't want spoilers in your trailer, would you?
Anthony Pero
11. anthonypero

Yes, the first two comments reference that scene. in ID4. When Randy Quaid awesomely revisits some "anal probing" of his own on the invaders.
Stephen Sywak
12. Boothby171
@LW--I thought that myself, mini-Millenium Falcons, without the side pod.

@6--The imagery of the central giant mothership runs totally counter to the whole "Mazer Rackham is a unique genius" theme in the book. Why they did it this way, who knows?

Alice Arneson
13. Wetlandernw
I think Freelancer @10 has it, in context of the book, anyway. This is the "official" video they show; in the book, didn't Ender have to figure it out for himself from watching all the vids available from every angle? IIRC, even the top guys didn't really quite know just what Rackham did. I could be wrong; it's been a while since I read it, but I don't think the propaganda-video version really showed why Mazer Rackham was such a genius, and Ender realized that. For that matter, IIRC that's a lot of why they needed Ender - to figure out what it was that Rackham had figured out that they couldn't get hold of for themselves.
14. Freelancer
Wetlandernw @13

Close, but permit me to elaborate, and hopefully not sound too spoilerish for any who haven't yet read the book (which you should do immediately, or at least before seeing the movie). Rackham wasn't a genius, according to his own assessment. He had a particular moment of insight, and succeeded in taking advantage of the opportunity to act on that insight. The IF knows the truth, but dares not share it. They believe that only someone who can arrive at the same awareness as Rackham, unaided, will be competent to command the critical engagements.

There was also the fear that someone that smart, if given the first piece of the puzzle, might figure out the rest too soon.
Alice Arneson
15. Wetlandernw
Okay, that makes sense. They knew, but they couldn't tell anyone they knew, etc. Well, I guess for a single read more than a year ago, I maybe didn't do too badly... :)

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