Jun 14 2013 10:20am

New Trailer for Elysium is a Punch in the Gut

Elysium trailer

A new trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium has been released and it promises a sci-fi film that we will almost certainly be talking about long after we’ve seen it. The story itself is simple: it is the mid 22nd century and the haves live in a heaven of their own creation called Elysium while the have-nots live on a hot, hardscrabble Earth. Where the movie excels—and which the trailer goes out of its way to show you—is in displaying the system of cruel indifference that has been set in place to care for, and discipline, the population. If you want to better your life you have two options: drugs, or try to sneak on to Elysium. The latter means certain death, as the citizens of Elysium are merciless in maintaining their separation from Earth.

And that’s just where the trailer begins! There’s Jodie Foster and Matt Damon being awesome, cybernetic implants, snippy robots, and not one idiot screaming something like “Tonight we take Elysium!”

Elysium debuts in theaters on August 9th.

Scott Sherris
1. ssherris
Without seeing it (obviously), it seems to have the same problem I had with Wall-E... I have trouble getting past the idea that it would be easier to maintain quality living conditions in a space station than on a planet.
2. Jannisar
Well my philosophy for being up there would be in the line of that original star trek episode where the miners were grubbing down below. up above it is easier to keep things sterile looking and clean and you have the added bonus of looking down below at the unwashed masses. Besides, what is the use of money and power if you dont use it to show the extremes you went to elevate and maintain yourself above commoners. :)
Rich Bennett
3. Neuralnet
maybe it is just me but it almost looks like a sequal to district 9... it has the same look in some of the earth scenes and I could almost see the society of the district 9 movie evolving into something like this given that they have figured out the alien tech and can make a reasonably cheap space station.

I think jury is still out on the movie... looks promising but such a cliche premise. (gee, I wonder what will happen at the end LOL)
4. boquaz
I was born in a city of over 1 million people built on a coastal desert (San Diego). Their water comes from 1000 miles away. They have great local agriculture (at large expense) despite living in the desert. This is one of the most desirable places to live on the planet, and it makes no logical sense. San Diego has no major train lines, shipping lanes, oil pipes, natural resources, manufacturing, or purpose beyond simply being a nice place to live (well, the military pacific headquarters is there, but that's because it's a nice place to live).

I have no problem believing a space station could one day have a quality of life significantly better than anything on earth. What we do right now isn't based on efficient use of resources. Why would we change in the future? This is just another story about San Diego and a guy from Tijuana trying to jump the border to get some cancer treatment. But it's in space so it's way cool.
Mike Conley
5. NomadUK
I have trouble getting past the idea that it would be easier to maintain quality living conditions in a space station than on a planet.

Once you are out of Earth's gravity well, you have (essentially) infinite energy (sunlight) and infinite resources (asteroids). If you posit the kind of engineering required to build a station like the one pictured, the rest is not unreasonable.

Clearly, though, we're not quite there yet.
6. Andrew Burton

I really wish that space station was Freeside ("why wait?"). And I wish Matt Damon was doing the Straylight run. With Jodie Foster as Marie-France Tessier, Jennifer Lawrence as Molly, Bruce Greenwood as Armitage, Robert Downey Jr as The Finn. Maybe Scarlett Johansson as 3Jane. And Jeff Bridges as Ashpool.

Yeah. That'd be cool.
Karen Simley
7. Simka
@4 boquaz - I live in San Diego. Love your description and analogy!
8. Raskos

Please - Mickey Rourke as The Finn.
Kristen Templet
9. SF_Fangirl
@4 boquaz - that's some deep words for a comment on a new movie trailer. Great point. I feel a bit smarter now.

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