Jun 14 2013 5:00pm

An Earnest Attempt to Make you Feel Good about Game of Thrones Again

Amaguri Stark family by etsy user LunasCrafts

Any remaining Starks can breathe a little easier now that Game of Thrones is done for the season. But what about us, the people who have suffered along with them? A bit less bloodily, perhaps, but still, if you cut our favorite characters, do we not bleed? In our imaginations? In an effort to help you feel an emotion similar to happiness when thinking about Westoros, we have gathered some of the fandom's responses to this season. 

Seriously, who could be sad when presented with the cuddly Starks and their cuddlier direwolf puppies?


Perhaps you, like writers of The Onion, are still traumatized by recent events at the Twins.  If so, might we suggest ice cream and unicorns?

Granted, that should be a dragon or a direwolf sitting on that throne, unless the show’s going in a far more glittery direction than I’m expecting. Hmmm... so, you’re still sad? The ice cream didn’t do it? 

Luckily, humans have devised a quick and easy way to forget about sorrow... at least temporarily. And if you follow the link below, you can join Cersei in a celebration of how her sorrow is totally over forever now that Joffrey is King:

Definitely NedderOK, so the wine hasn’t worked, because every time you start to sober up you see poor Theon’s face when… all right. We’ll try again. With math! And pie charts! Here, if you break down all the horror of this season into flat infographics, it completely removes it from the realm of pain in which all GoT fans spend their lives.

Still not enough? It’s almost Father’s Day—you could borrow the game that Redditor Sartro  played with his dad (a Game of Thrones novice), and ask him to name all the characters.

You could try to humanize Joffrey! Well... sort of. 

Or, as you're re-watching the first three seasons over the next year, just remember that Dany and Jorah are always judging you.

Don’t get too attached to anyone, though—since George R.R. Martin will most likely keep up with the TV schedules, no one is safe...

Oh, wait, I’ve made you sad again. I think maybe we'll each just have to deal with our grief in our own ways. In the meantime, I'm just going to leave this here:


Leah Schnelbach really wishes she was as cool as Arya. You can follow her occasional Twitter participation here.

1. DrM

oh yes
Alan Brown
3. AlanBrown
This caught my knitting wife's attention. There may be tiny Starks in our future!
Alan Brown
4. AlanBrown
@2 Good idea, severed necks seem to run in the Stark family!
8. Maureen O'Danu
Where, oh where can I get the patterns? I can think of a couple for whom it would be a lovely wedding gift...
Alan Brown
9. AlanBrown
After the Red Wedding, is a GoT wedding gift a good idea? ;-)
10. Thomas Cardew

Found this one to be amusing. Got love Arya.
Deana Whitney
17. Braid_Tug
@ AlanBrown, You should post pictures if she does make them!
If I could knit, would so be after a pattern for the puppies.

Loved "Dad's names for GOT Characters"

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