Jun 13 2013 1:15pm

300: Rise of an Empire - This! Is! A Trailer!

Hey all you Battle of Algiers fans, next March we've got another multi-layered, nuanced exploration of the horrors of war—just kidding! But honestly, it's probably going to be lots of fun. Lena Headey's back as Queen Gorgo, and now Eva Green will play Artemisia, the only female commander to serve under Rodrigo Santoro's Xerxes. Here's the trailer for the entirely necessary 300: Rise of the Mach... um, Rise of an Empire.

Chris Nelly
1. Aeryl
I'm there.

Too bad Michael Fassbender's character had to die though:^(
Valentin M
2. ValMar
Yeah, they made the first one way too historically accurate ;)
Risha Jorgensen
3. RishaBree
I think you missed an excellent opportunity to tag this "Spartaaaa".
5. pilgrimsoul
Just saying. This isn't very historical. Nor was the original. I was looking for eye candy which I found, but I don't like fiction/fantasy pretending to be history.

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