May 3 2013 9:45am

Steven Gould Elected New SFWA President

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has announced that author Steven Gould has been elected the new president of SFWA by a landslide margin, replacing outgoing SFWA president John Scalzi.

Gould joins Rachel Swirsky as the incoming Vice President, Susan Forest as Secretary, Bud Sparhawk as Treasurer, Lee Martindale as South/Central Regional Director, and Tansy Rayner Roberts as Overseas Regional Director.

SFWA’s statement is below.

SFWA is pleased to announce the results of this year’s Board elections.

President: Steven Gould
Vice-President: Rachel Swirsky
Secretary: Susan Forest
Treasurer: Bud Sparhawk
South/Central Regional Director: Lee Martindale
Overseas Regional Director: Tansy Rayner Roberts

Congratulations to our new (and in some cases continuing) Board members! And we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who ran for office. Your active involvement is invaluable, and much appreciated. We also greatly appreciate the hard work of Lawrence Schoen and the Election Committee.

The new Board members’ terms will begin on July 1, 2013.

About SFWA: SFWA informs, supports, promotes, defends and advocates for its members, hosting the prestigious Nebula Awards, assist members in legal disputes with publishers, and administer benevolent funds for authors facing medical or legal expenses.  Novice authors benefit from our Information Center and the well-known Writer Beware site.

Steven Gould
1. StevenGould
Belatedly I see that there was an official SFWA eMailing to the members announcing the results.

Other boardmembers elected in contested elections include
Susan Forrest, Secretary
Lee Martindale, South-Central Regional Director.

In uncontested elections:
Rachel Swirsky, Vice Presient
Bud Sparhawk, Treasurer
Tansy Rayner Roberts, Overseas Regional Director
D. Bell
2. SchuylerH
Congratulations to all elected but particularly to Gould, patently the right choice for the job. EDIT @1: somehow I managed to post this without noticing your comment. My apologies.
Steven Gould
3. StevenGould

You must refer to me as "Your Ponderance" now. As this is not a formal venue, you may dispence with the triple kowtow.

Steven, Lord High Obfuscator of SFWA
D. Bell
4. SchuylerH
@3: Er, it isn't July yet. (Your Ponderance.)
Jerry Pournelle
5. Jerry Pournelle
He is only Your Ponderance until July After that the title varies. Your Idiocy is common. Your Incompetence Foolishness is sometimes employed.

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