May 3 2013 10:30am

Jurassic Park 4 Will Actually Return to Jurassic Park

Director of Jurassic Park 4—Colin Trevorrow—has recently tweeted a photo which confirms what many of us have hoped for! Jurassis Park 4 will really be set on Isla Nublar! Infamously, the two previous sequels to Jurassic Park take place on Isla Sorna, or “Site B.”

There’s no other way to put it: Hold on to your butts!

[News via Slashfilm & Twitter]

1. imbubbasmom
Wooop! Can't wait! Even with the inaccuracies, JP still has the best movie dinos:^D
Kit Case
3. wiredog
There was a third Jurassic Park movie?
4. Hedgehog Dan
There was a sequel?
Ian Johnson
5. IanPJohnson
Gabe: A lot of franchises don't hit their stride until the fourth installment. Like Jurassic Park 4: Dinosaurmageddon.
Tycho: That's not a real movie.
Gabe: That's what made it so awesome.
–Penny Arcade (in 2002, no less)

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