May 28 2013 9:00am

Download Two Free Extra Stories from John Scalzi’s The Human Division

John Scalzi The Human Division Download Two Free StoriesNow that John Scalzi’s 13-episode The Human Division is available in print and ebook form, Tor Books is offering a free download of two extra stories centered around the events of the latest installment in the Old Man’s War universe!

Go here to get the free stories in PDF, .epub, or .mobi formats. (Tor.com registration required.)

Just picked up the book itself? Check in with Ron Hogan’s spoiler-free read-along after each episode! Once you’re done, you can chat with other Old Man’s War and John Scalzi fans about what you’d like to see in a second season of The Human Division. Happy reading!

(Note: If you're getting an “invalid token” response or other hiccup from the site, try logging in through the Tor.com home page first, then accessing the Human Division extras.)

David Branson
1. PopsicleMud
Thanks for making these available!

There was a hiccough when I first tried to download the ebook. When I followed the link to the download, and then tried to log into Tor from that page, I got a page that just said, "Invalid token," on both my phone and on my computer. I got around it by going to Tor's home page and logging in there, then following the link to the downloads.
Richard Schatz
2. schatzfam
I am having trouble downloading the stories on my Mac. When I click on the .epub link (or any of the links), it just opens a new browser window rather than actually downloading a file to my system.
Francis Uy
3. Foobar
Thank you! Will buy more Scalzi soon.
Andrew Timson
4. ATimson
Thanks for posting these. I'd been holding off on The Human Division until I found out whether or not the serialized purchasers would get them. Now I'll not only pick up the story, but buy Season 2 as it comes out. :)
5. BurgessKJ
did not recognizee my email address (even though I found this link via an email from Tor). Love John Scalzi's work, and I AM THE OLD MAN OF WAR.
I hope you fix this soon.
Marius Gedminas
6. mgedmin
The bookish.com site appears to cater only for US customers.

I want to give you money. Why won't you take my money?

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