Apr 1 2013 2:30pm

Tor Books Launches Brandon Sanderson / Wheel of Time Mobile Campaign

Wheel of Time Brandon Sanderson mobile campaignTor Books is excited to announce a new mobile campaign for fans of the Wheel of Time series and Tor author Brandon Sanderson.

This January and February, Wheel of Time® fans who were able to attend a Brandon Sanderson book signing event for A MEMORY OF LIGHT, the final book in the series, were offered a complimentary booklet of Wheel of Time trivia, conceived with the help of, a Wheel of Time® fansite. While that booklet was a fun collectible for fans, it was of a limited quantity and many fans were unable to acquire one of their own.

Now, fans who weren’t able to meet Brandon on tour can sign up for Tor’s Epic Fantasy mobile alerts and get fun series facts sent right to their phones. In addition, signing up will give fans special access to content for Sanderson’s forthcoming YA book, The Rithmatist (which adults have also been raving about), including a sweepstakes for an advance review copy of the book, a gift bag, and quirky little-known facts about the exciting, complex magic system found in The Rithmatist.

Beginning April 1, 2013, Brandon Sanderson and Wheel of Time®fans can take participate in this mobile campaign by texting “EPIC” to 555111 to receive facts, trivia, and more.

Mahesh Banavar
1. maheshkb
Does this work with Google Voice? I got an error message when I tried.

2. rdav
april fools? 555 number?
3. spoof
I call bill**** April fools
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
It’s for realz, some legit things do occur on April 1st. ;-)
6. Alex87
Where do I get that iphone case!?!?!!!!!
Mahesh Banavar
7. maheshkb
You got me. :)

I must be the most gullible person...
Theresa DeLucci
8. theresa_delucci
This only works with mobile phones that can accept text messages. Google Voice is web-based, so, far as we know from the vendor we're working with, it won't work.

@6 - Maybe the iPhone case will appear in a future sweepstakes. Gotta be some more lying around somewhere.

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