Apr 15 2013 10:45am

The Iron Man 3 Post-Credits Scene Has Leaked

Latino Review managed to find some folks at last week’s Paris premiere of Iron Man 3 that were willing to spill the beans on what happens in the movie. The biggest tidbit of all? What the post-credits scene is and who it features.

If you really want to know, keep reading, because the scene sounds pretty legitimate.

From Latino Review, highlight to read:

It starts with a close shot of Tony Stark on a couch talking about his various traumas, obviously he’s talking to someone, as if he was seeing a shrink, the tone of the scene is light and supposedly funny. Then we discover that the person he’s talking to is Bruce Banner/Mark Ruffalo, who fell asleep because of Tony’s boring story. Tony remarks that Banner has been sleeping during the most part of his story and yells at him, and Banner just mumbles and says “You know, I’m not that kind of doctor!” Then Tony recalls another memory and resumes his monologue, and then we see Banner starting to fall asleep again.

Hooray! What other shenanigans will this character get up to? Head to the Latino Review link to see what other post-credits scene the filmmakers might try to slip in after the movie premieres!

1. RobertX
That armor is awesome! So tough and so light too! (notice the couch)
2. Zeus the Moose
Kind of funny how between movie 2 and 3 they've jumped from something like the Mark 8 suit to about the Mark 47 all in one go. Sweet that we get to see the extremis tech.
3. Mandarin
it's light because it is empty
4. Iron boss
The last scene has a dr banner cameo
5. Smile
Respond to Zeus the moose. Tony stark said in the movie that he couldn't sleep, so he built all those suits. And yes, yes it is awesome.

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