Apr 15 2013 5:15pm

Peter Jackson Met With Steven Moffat to Discuss Doctor Who

Peter Jackson Doctor Who

It looks as though Peter Jackson’s plea to direct an episode of Doctor Who has not gone unnoticed—according to three former Doctors themselves (Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann; that’s Six, Seven, and Eight respectively), Mr. Jackson has already met with Steven Moffat to discuss the possibility of fulfilling his greatest super-fan wish.

Of course, while the Doctors were quick to talk about who they would like to play if Jackson did get his shot (Villains, maybe! People in fuzzy suits!), the real question is whether or not that means Doctor Who would be shot in New Zealand for that special episode. It makes the most sense in the long-run to allow Jackson to film in locations that he knows better than anyone, and New Zealand has the beauty and scope to lend itself to any number of incredible locations the Whoniverse could come up with.

It was pointed out that Wellington-based Neil Cross might be the right person to peg for the script if the event comes to it, but I’d think it more likely that Moffat would want to write that script himself, knowing who was going to be behind the camera. This would mark their second working relationship, since Jackson was a producer on the Moffat-penned Tintin movie.

This could be a big step for Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith as well. After having worked with Jackson, that could open up big Hollywood doors for the youngest Doctor yet, which is excellent for whenever he plans to step down from the role.

But the only real question is... will Jackson really get that Dalek he wanted as payment?

Emily Asher-Perrin hopes they film part of Jackson’s episode in Hobbiton, then. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.

Dr. Cox
1. Dr. Cox
No. Just NO.
And no I did not see LOTR or The Hobbit--the preview/review info was enough. Disservice to authors and characters. Ugn!
And no I'm not picky--I got my diss idea from an adaptation (but did not tell my profs lol.)
Alan Brown
2. AlanBrown
Let's hope they greenlight this idea, and give the man a Dalek.
Del C
3. del
I'm sympathetic to him as a fan, and it's great for him he gets to play with all his old favourites. But he's such an uninspired interpreter of them: not just Tolkien, but Kong, and I don't have high hopes for Dambusters either.
Dr. Cox
5. glorbes
Wow, I had no idea that people had such anti-Peter Jackson feelings. Personally, I think he's fantastic, and I'd be thrilled to see an episode of Who directed by him.
James Whitehead
6. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Have to agree with glorbes above.

I think it would be very interesting to see what Jackson could do; but then I like what he has done with Tolkien's works. ;-)

Dr. Cox
7. Gaby Dodd
Speaking as a film student, Jackson's work as a director is amazing. he is a great director and the Whoverse would be grateful to have him. I think he could brig something new to the world. Whether you liked his adaptions of LotR or The Hobbit or not, they are nothing compared to some of his finest works. Don't get me wrong the films are EPIC, but they are just that. epic films made by an epic director staring an epic cast. other films he's made are interesting and gripping and just down right amazing. you can't judge his directing skills on just the LotR and the Hobbit. ESPECIALLY if you haven't even seen those films.
Dr. Cox
8. TStewart
Oh, dear God, no - it isn't enough that he has pissed all over The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, now he has to move on to the next most important entity in my life? Bloody hell.
Dr. Cox
10. EvaniaEndellion
I really hope this is true. I live about a 10 minute drive away from Peter Jackson's New Zealand home and if he directs in New Zealand I so hope to be a cast as an extra or something!

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