Apr 25 2013 1:30pm

Need to Design A Female Superhero? Ask A Little Girl How

There's a new Tumblr account in the world that is making a fair point to anyone who angsts about female superhero duds and how they might be remodeled—why don't you just look at how little girls create their costumes? On BetterSupes, take a look at some charming photos of little girls dressed as their favorite caped avengers, fitted with illustrated counterparts, and find out why little girls are better at designing superheroes than anyone!

2. pabkins
That little girl is gorgeous! and her alter ego comic as well haha. Of course little ones are the best creative minds there are!
4. Jesslyn
And not a one exhibits the wimp/catty factor that make most of the modern live action female superheroes look so boooooring.

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