Apr 2 2013 10:00am

National Poetry Month on Tor.com Features New Pieces From Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, and More

National Poetry Month science fiction fantasy Neil Gaiman Jane Yolen Theodora GossApril is National Poetry Month and to celebrate we’re taking the opportunity to showcase poetry written by notable names in the science fiction and fantasy fields.

When thinking of the mediums that deliver SFF, one invariably visualizes descriptive prose, be it in doorstopper hardcover or dog-eared paperback form, but poetry is well-entrenched within the SFF genres and often pops up with surprising regularity.

This year, Tor.com has commissioned new poems from Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, and Theodora Goss, and will feature a piece from Tor.com’s very own Mari Ness!

Poems will go up every Monday in April. (And perhaps more often than that.) And it all kicks off with “House,” a new poem by Neil Gaiman.

Keep an eye on our National Poetry Month index for the “The Fox Wife” by Theodora Goss, “Portrait of the Book as Golem” by Jane Yolen, “Snowmelt” by Mari Ness, and more.

Tor.com first began featuring SFF poetry during April of 2011, reprinting some favorites, dusting off hidden gems, and commissioning new work. (Which even got nominated for a World Fantasy Award!) You can see the line-up and read the poems from every year in our Poetry Month index.

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1. RobinM
Cool! I can't wait to tell my co-worker the poetry fiend about this . I'm trying to get her to read some fantasy and science fiction. Jane Yolen is one of my most favorite authors ever.

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