Apr 17 2013 4:05pm

Disney Reveals New Star Wars Movies Will Get the Avengers Treatment

Star Wars Episode VII Disney Avengers movies

Disney has announced at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that there will be a Star Wars movie once a year beginning in 2015 with Star Wars Episode VII.

The years in between the main movie installments in the next trilogy will see the release of standalone Star Wars movies focusing on other characters and settings. The timing and structure of the forthcoming Star Wars movies will take advantage of the rampant success Disney and Marvel Studios have achieved in adapting the Marvel Comics Avengers universe into movie form.

Over-exposure and lackluster stores were a significant factor in driving the Star Wars franchise into the ground in the early 2000s. Might we see history repeat itself here? It’s doubtful that the original cast will come back for 6 years’ worth of films. Does this mean the new movies will take place after they’ve died?

Disney paid over $4 billion for the franchise, do they now have no choice but to pump out Star Wars movies in order to make that money back? Are these tears on our faces? These might be tears.

William Carter
1. wcarter
Yikes. This will only lead to over exposure and franchise fatigue.

Without any sort of expert background on the movie industry whatsoever, I'm still calling it now: Disney's losses on "John Carter" will seem like a fond memory by the time 2017 rolls around.
Dave Thompson
2. DKT
There was certainly overexposure last time, but I think the real failure of the Prequel trilogy is that the scripts sucked, as did Lucas' direction. If Disney actually gives us five good films in as many years (see: Marvel) then it's really not much of an issue.

And I suspect the original cast will only be involved in the trilogy, not the standalone films. (But I could be wrong. Ford doing a cameo in a Solo film could happen, I guess.)
Pat Hayes
4. SCTechSorceress
I'm not sure. The Star Wars universe is, after all, a universe. There could be plenty of stories to be told that would be different enough to avoid the over exposure problem. Part of what made the prequel trilogy feel like 'too much' for me was that they were really the stories of the same characters. And it didn't help that the grand Old Republic didn't actually look all that much grander than the degenerate Empire.
Erik Harrison
5. ErikHarrison
Yeah, a "mainline" Star Wars movie every year? No way. A Star Wars movie every year? Yes. Imagine if DC was saying "There will be a DCU film every year."

This is actually the inverse of the Marvel/Avengers model. Instead of a lot of standalone movies that creep toward a shared universe, they'll use the Nu Trilogy to be a spine on which the spin-off ribs can be built.
Alan Brown
6. AlanBrown
I think this can work quite well, and am looking forward to it.
7. Jer_
Over-exposure and lackluster stores were a significant factor in driving the Star Wars franchise into the ground in the early 2000s.

Over-exposure? Really? I find that a assertion questionable. A trilogy of movies released over the span of six years? The Harry Potter franchise must be ready to freeze to death if that's your metric of over-exposure.

Now if you'd said "over-hyped" then yeah - that was a problem. Expectations were set high for a new trilogy after almost 2 decades since the last movie, and the second trilogy failed to deliver. It consisitently failed to deliver, even as fans kept giving it chance after chance. Any second trilogy was going to have a tough time competing with the prequel trilogy that fans who had been waiting for 2 decades to get it had constructed in their heads, but Lucas didn't even manage to produce a decent movie on its own merits, let alone something that could do that.

The thing that kills franchises is bad storytelling. It really isn't rocket science.
Rich Bennett
8. Neuralnet
The star wars movies/tv shows have just become a machine to boost merchandise sales.... I am not sure they really care about the movie quality anymore as long as they sells a lot of new toys and t-shirts. I predict that the movies will be mediocre but they will roll in money from the merchandising
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
9. Lisamarie
Not sure how I feel about this. I have enjoyed the various Marvel movies (I've rented them during my maternity leave and had fun watching them) but I don't think they are amazingly good, either.

But, I do like the idea of making movies outside of the main 'saga', it could end up pretty cool. Or it could end up like that awful Clone Wars movie. I guess we'll have to wait and find out!
10. Danno
As long as they get back some of the grit that made Star Wars such a great universe in the first place, I don't mind. But I really, really don't want to watch a new Jedi movie every year.

Do a police procedural in Star Wars, that's the movie I want to see.
11. DavidW
I just wanted to point that the opinion of a small group of bitter fans does not constitute fact. The prequel trilogy did not run Star Wars into the ground. Those films made a tremendous amount of money and are some of the most top grossing films ever released. Anything remotely entertaining with the Star Wars name on it will gather a large audience. The blogger and the commenters are sharing a myopic vision not based on reality. Just because you personally don't like a film does not make the film a failure, let alone a financial failure.

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