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The Director of Pixar’s Brave Wants to Make a Sequel

Brave sequel Pixar

Mark Andrews, the director of Disney-Pixar’s Brave, recently stated that he would be up for making a sequel to the film—provided that they can find the right story. Initially, Pixar made it a point of never doing sequels, but once the company was bought by Disney it became a far more likely occurrence, and they’ve been stacking up ever since. So does this sequel sound like a good idea? What should it address in Princess Merida’s journey?

Mark Andrews’ only comments in regard to the sequel were that he would like some additional characters, and that he found that American audiences didn’t understand the “Scottish humor” in the film. The suggestion that the humor might be dumbed down for American audiences is worrisome, and adding new characters would really only be useful if they felt like natural additions to Merida’s life. But maybe she could use a riding buddy?

Brave was, of course, about family, and it might make the most sense to allow that family more active roles—Merida does have three little brothers that could be aged up a bit for a sequel and who could contribute some interesting new plotslines. One would hope they would keep Merida single; it’s understandable that after shunning marriage they might be inclined to create a “perfect partner” for Merida who was a commoner or a Robin Hood type, but giving her a romance would be aggravatingly predictable and also make it seem like Pixar couldn’t stick to their guns in creating an unattached princess.

It would be even more satisfying if the film could find a way to keep Merida’s mother involved in the tale. While Brave was meant to be a story that saw mother and daughter come to an understanding in their relationship, the actual adventure they shared together was a bit hurried in the film. Could we find an excuse to turn the Queen back into a bear? Because that would be awesome, and would give her reason to accompany Merida—maybe on a quest! Who knows what the quest would be for, but fate did have plans for the princess. Who’s to say they ended at familial understanding?

Oh, and add in more Scottish mythology!

Emily Asher-Perrin wishes her mom was a bear. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.

1. mutantalbinocrocodile
I for one am really baffled at Pixar's sudden bout of sequel-itis, down to the idiotic decision to give Planes a theatrical release. The weird thing is that this is happening just as Disney Feature Animation is itself retrenching some and scaling back the number of productions in search of original ideas. John Lasseter actually killed a number of DTV sequels when he took over. Is it possible that Disney wants Pixar as their cash cow and Feature Animation to stay their prestige unit? Very weird.

Almost as weird as Brave winning Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. Now that made NO sense given. . .well, all the other competitors.
Sean Fagan
2. sef
Pixar made it a point of never doing sequels
Except for, you know, Toy Story 2, which was made long, long before Disney acquired Pixar. (According to reports at the time, Disney had the contractual ability to make any production it wanted, using the characters from the Pixar movies it distributed, and Pixar decided it would be better to make a movie on their own terms, rather than let Disney make a direct-to-video sequel.)

The current obsession with sequels is simply due to the fact that they are part of Disney now: Cars 2 was explicitly done because of the toys they could sell, and hadn't sold enough of from the first one; the other various sequels allow for the characters to stay fresh in the minds of people who go to a Disney amusement park and then buy mugs, shirts, pins, etc., to go along with the rides. This also allows them to introduce new characters, which they can then incorporate into the rides and merchandising, resulting in even more for people to buy.

I'm more than a bit cynical about all this. (And I will also hasten to point out that I thought Toy Story 3 was an amazing movie.)
Chris Nelly
3. Aeryl
@1, Actually, Planes is not Pixar. It's set in the Cars universe, but it's put out by Disney animation.

@2, Yes, Toy Story 2. But, TS2 was intended from the first, with the open ending. And until the acquisition by Disney, it was the ONLY sequel.

I share the same concerns, Emily. If we get a sequel, it won't be about the mother, but be all about Merida finding TRULOV.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
4. Lisamarie
I wouldn't be that upset of Merida was married or got married, since to me part of the point was that she shouldn't be forced to marry somebody she didn't want and before she was ready. But I do agree it would be a bit tiresome if that was the entire point, since we've seen that kind of story before. I enjoy those types of stories but it's nice to see something different too. And it would be pretty cool to see a movie about a woman where it's not taken for granted that she has to hook up by the end (even though I am a big romantic at heart!).

I was actually not that into the bear aspect, and I think it has the potential to get really slapstick-y, so I hope they find a new idea.
Eric Hughes
5. CireNaes
They could tell the animated backstory as to why Brenda Chapman was replaced by what amounts to an animatory frat boy.

They could call it "Perfidious!" That has a certain Pixar flare to it.

Edit: To add that I'm torn between "Perfidious!" and the cognate "Perfidia!"
Nick S
6. kukkurovaca
Hmm. I would change the post title to "Mark Andrews" rather than "Director of Pixar's Brave."
7. Shanna Swendson
I also wouldn't mind a romance plot for an older Merida because I'd be curious as to the kind of guy she'd choose if she got to choose the guy in her own time and then how they'd negotiate the relationship. I imagine he'd learn a thing or two.

I just know that the kindergarten girls I teach music to would be overjoyed to have more Merida. They think she's awesome. That was a popular Halloween costume, and they were very excited about the lesson about harps because apparently there are tie-in children's books in which Merida has a harp. So, if they could show her being able to maintain her identity even in a relationship and show something resembling a healthy relationship instead of silly love-at-first-sight and marrying someone you've known a day kinds of things (as in all the old-school princess movies), it might be able to have some positive impact.
8. oliveramy
I absolutely loved the animation, effects, character development, and music to Brave. I was overjoyed at the first half of the movie, and then the bear aspect popped in. I was, to say the least, very dissapointed at the plotline and felt very jipped. This had the potential to be a WONDERFUL and thoughful movie about a girl and the journey she takes with her mom, yet they decided to go the "Brother Bear" route to teach the lesson. There are many other ways to learn and grow than being turned into some creature by magic.
(I still bought the movie because I really loved the music and animation.)

A sequel is a terrible idea. I don't think the movie stood enough on its own to merrit a sequel. I think movies and franchises get too muddled when there are too many sequels because, the fact remains, the second, third, or fourth story is almost never as good as the first (with the execption of Toy Story--TS3 I cried at.)
Dave Thompson
9. DKT
Props to @CireNaes and @kukkurovaka for beating me to the punch. Where is Brenda Chapman?

My daughter would be THRILLED by Merida Rides Again.

I'm on the fence. I loved Brave, but it seems very much a standalone movie to me, much as Wall-E, Up, and Finding Nemo did. I know they're doing a sequel to Nemo, and it might actually work, but I don't think it really needed to be done. I'd be happy to see them explore new stories and characters (especially female characters).
10. nancybot
As much as I enjoyed Brave, I'd prefer to see Pixar lay of the sequels for a bit. I'm all for Monster University, but hearing about the possibility of this so soon after annoucing Finding Dori is just too much for me. Wasn't part of the appeal of Pixar the fact that they crafted these truly orginal IPs that didn't depend on having a built in audience? I'll take a sequel every now and then (I loved all three of the Toy Stories!) but not every movie needs a sequel (looking at you Cars).
David Lev
11. davidlev
As apparently one of the few people who unreservedly liked Brave, I think this is cool. However, to work they need to up the epic (which seemed to me the big criticism everyone had: they felt it was too small a movie ). I'd like to see Merida engaging in heroic quests and fending off Celtic Gods of Death (just as an example), possibly with her mom/family/those three suitor boys who didn't really get to do much in the previous movie
Alan Brown
12. AlanBrown
How about Merida saving a prince, who falls for her? She is pretty capable of being the rescuer, and turning the old cliche of damsel in distress on it's head...
13. huntece
Really loved brave so wouldnt mind a good well thought out sequel but if it was bad I think it would crush me
William Fettes
14. Wolfmage
Brave was good. Wreck-It-Ralph was much more deserving of the awards though, I thought.
17. Fehler
There's two stories I'd like to see: Merida renouncing the throne, having her brothers fail in her place, and end up instituting a democracy. And end up getting elected.

And then, I'd do the time warp, and have Merida end up with a daughter (choosing the Young MacGuffin for an unknown, off-screen reason) who is exactly like her mother.
19. Dan J
Turn it into a trilogy. Brave, Braver, Bravest.
Chris Nelly
20. Aeryl
I'd just like to say if Disney ran with even HALF the awesome ideas I've seen in this thread, my anxiety over a sequel would evaporate.
21. Gav C.
I liked this movie. Aside from the same cliches that I've already seen before in the past Disney films and some rushed moments, it had the most prettiest animation I've ever seen, characters that are nothing short of brilliance (Merida and Elinor, particularly), some great humor, and lots more. Let's hope the sequel will be as good as this one.
22. NoobNinja97
I like the idea. Making a sequel is a good thing(for me). And I like so much trilogy's. so I like Dan J idea( Brave, Braver, Bravest are good titles ). I think the sequel shood have a person like Robin Hood from a enemy kingdom that get in love with Merida and makes Merida have problems with her parents and the boy ( who later is discovered to be the prince of the enemy kingdom ) and I think that a time warp fit very well in this story making the three little brothers help her...(this are the ideas for the braver). The Third should have another time warp being the adventure of Merida and her daughter ( Fehler Idea ) turning Merida's father and mother just supporting characters.
23. kmz22026
I think since there are the three brothers and 3 other lands they fall in live with womrn from those lands thus connecting the familys. And Merida, maybe meets a guy from over seas. It would be the ultimuit disgrace to fall in love with the enemy.
24. Moschops
They should double-down and give her a romantic subplot with a female.
25. fb
well,since the suitors that came to marry merida weren't as good her (in fighting). they should put a prince that comes from a differant land. (who says that he has heard about her) instead of coming to marry her, he comes to challenge her and then t the story continues from here
26. Corrie
To be honest, I'd much prefer a prequel story. You know, telling a story of Merida growing up, maybe while the mother is pregnant with the twins. Maybe telling the story of how she became so rebellious. I think that would be a much more interesting story.

I have to agree, if there was a sequel I would be upset if she got married, as that just kind of ruins the plot of the first story.
27. Petra
I am more concerned about the dumbing it down for Americans. I got the Scottish humor just fine. I love seeing movies about other nations, that's how we learn that we are not all the same or perhaps we are more alike than we knew. And I didn't mind talking about the movie with my grandson when he asked questions. I say YES!! Bring on Brave II!!
timmy olson
28. al54068
Hell yes! A brave 2 would be amazing because like every good movie it deserves a sequel. However movies like finding nemo and wall-e dont because they really sucked. I mean a robot that can only say Wall-eeeeeeee! Come on Pixar make Brave 2!!!!!!
29. Warriorlass
As an American I really enjoyed the Scottish humor, and would love to see more of it and more Scottish mythology that would tie into the afore mentioned possible quest. As for a love interest, maybe have one of the additional characters be an implied one for her, but keep it vague until a possible third or later movie. The Scottish mythology and the characters from the original, leave lots of possibilities open for grand new adventures and schemes. I would love to see Merida interact with the Young: Macintosh, Dingwall and McGuffin. Sequels for this story could be better than the first, given the proper care with the storyline and possible subplots.
30. lyssa tiballi
Yeah please make a sequal!! I watch it everyday after I ride my horse!amd I think of the movie the whole time!!
31. Shamus21
A sequal would be fantastic, my child loves this movie and I enjoy watching it myself. I don't agree that they should turn the queen back into a bear however, or the idea of a Robin hood character.. Merida does that just fine in my opinion, and keep the scottish humor, there would be no sence in Americanizing the celtic mythology in the movie, in fact it would probably lose viewers if they did, the scottish humor made this movie stand out from all the rest. Although I would like to know if any of the suitors will win her heart.. perhaps the pretty boy with the long flowing locks or the strong one, that no one can understand, (considering Merida found him humorous). I figured mor'duh might become the prince like in "Beauty and the Beast", but I liked the unpredictable ending even more.

I especially loved the relationship between Angus and Merida, it capturing the truth of many horse people that confided in there horses growing up.
32. MattW
I just want more viking animations.
Sequels to Brave and How to train a Dragon! Yes!

I really liked the humor in the characters of Brave.
All of them.

They could essentially do a movie about all those 3 first-born son's finding their loves, too. I think there's a ton of humor that could be packed into that.
33. VanDrew
I would love a Brave 2 that deals with the true aspects of true love, like getting along, respecting eachother for what both are, and learning to compromise for the other. I think it would be hilarious if Merida and her young man don't see eye to eye and are on eachother's nerves only to learn that true love is not a feeling but a choice and commitment to the other. Maybe they have to learn how to run the kingdom together or fight a war together or go on a quest after her three brothers run away. Maybe he has a secret and her father finds it hard to trust him or even Merida doesn't think it will work out only to find that she really, truely appreciates the guy. Maybe it could deal with the relationship of the parents and family in the relationship of daughter and soon to be son-in-law. Whatever it is, it should include the whole family and the ideas of family love and mutual trust. Idea that me and my sister were brain storming: the young man and his sister come to visit the kingdom after they hear Mor'doom has been killed-they are of the decendents of the ruined kingdom that took refuge over seas during Mor'doom's rampage. The tails that had circlulated through the land was of a mighty hunter killing Mor'doom, so it is obvious the young man would find it surprising and even a bit anoying that a princess and her mother had it. Just an idea, but it would be funny, and Merida would find a friend in the sister, though irritation at the brother. Soon they find a way to settle their differences enough for Merida and young man to agree to be friends. The three young princes run away or get kidnapped. Merida wants to go after them, but both father and mother disaprove. She runs away anyway. She gets herself in a jam only to find young man abe to save her, to her irritation. But she repays him by getting him out of a jam latter on. I think it woud be great not to just show the strength of girls, but also the strength of boys as well-equality, and working together. Merida would have to be older though. I think it would be great to show an older princess finding love. Not too old, but twenty something. It would brake the ideal princess of getting hitched between sixteen and eighteen.
34. aussie17
^ I like the one by VanDrew. Also the idea of the guy coming over to challenge her rather than marry her. That could get really interesting - maybe at the start they could get really competitive, only to find themselves not really getting anywhere because they're equally good at different things (her with bow and arrow and him with a sword) as they get closer, they could teach each other techniques from their area of expertise. And the movie would roll from there, if they got it right.
35. A person with a good idea
Merida should really get a guy because she's the only princess with none
36. wn9120
i think that mor'dou should return to destroy the kingdom that was once his. i think that merida should go on a quest to stop mor'dou and return him to his human self. loads could happen. merida could betray her family to save mor'dou and make him human again. she could try to save her family and destroy mor'dou. the possibilities are endless. no matter what happens i think mor'dou should turn back into a human and either fall in love with merida, sacrafice himself for meridah or vanish into mid air after returning to human form
37. jeaneily
I would love for merida to find her perfect partner after all isn't that what life is about learning to trust to love and fighting for what you believe in.Making mistakes and learning from them, falling down and standing back up and having some one to share it with and this time she would have a choice not some game making the choice for her.I don't know but my girls would really like to see her fall ,she so feisty it will be awesome cuz we know she does not want a guy she's to independent for that but we can't control our hearts it falls in love when we least expected it's like boom and your done for.
38. Fred Münzmaier
I actually also would like to see a "Brave 2" ("Braver"?) much preferably to any other Pixar sequel, which might come a bit too late after decades. But it should not just repeat all the topics and ideas of the first part. In the opposite: as we know all the main characters and their motivations now the second film should start right of to a thrilling, exiting, impressive and still humorous all new adventure. I would like to know more about the witch for instants. What happened to her ? Where did vanish ? What's she up to ? Will she create more trouble … or some strange, terrifying creators ? I could imagine some kind of war scenario that threatens the kingdom of Meridas father. Some enemies might have allied against him … because Merida refused to marry one of theirs sons ? … or because the witch instigate them ? … Also the very nicely animated spirited could be explored much more. Merida could trie to find them again in order to find some help against this threat …

Would be tough to invent some friend, or even love interest, for Merida without giving away any of her free-willed self-confidence. Couldn't be some typical, stereotype, handsome prince guy. Perhaps the king of the kingdom that threatens her father's, has a son who (unlike Merida) is not beloved by his parents. His real mother might be dead or lost … or he even doesn't know her ? Carefully distinguished from "Dragon's" Hiccup and "Sword's" Wart … of course ! But somehow a lat like that. Declined and awed by his rude father he runs away … is called a coward … but makes way of the same woods where Merida in order to find a solution and aid to prevent the war as she does. They don't need to fall in love right away (no Romeo & Juliet story !) … but they could meet in the woods learn to help and learn from each other.

In the meantime the two different armies gird themselves for a big kind of "Lord of The Rings" battle … meaning the threatened nature also is involved. … The witch and good spirits helping on opposite sides. Or the witch might turn out to be not as evil as supposed and form a third camp with elves and spirits ? … Even Merida's 3 brothers might become so upset that they somehow get into the whole mess too … And give them more defined and distinct characterizations please !

Should there be another metamorphosis ? Should Merida herself become transformed into an fierce animal this time ? Which could make it even more difficult to help in the war ?

Of course there will be a happy ending. The kingdoms find peace and unite again. Humans, earth, spirits and nature are propitiated. "The prodigal son" has proved that he not only has courage, but that his sensitiveness is also as important as his bravery. And Merida has proven again that she is indeed very brave, but has become a responsible and caring person too. Message should be bravery can have many different faces. And if we don't dare to care for ourselves even nature might get involved and suffer. And of course: Love against hatred.

I'm not a writer at all and hope the profs will come up with something more specific ideas that omit all kinds of cliché.
39. Kimberlee2
I just now saw Brave for the first time and have to say it is one of my most favorite Disney films now. As to a squel, I would like to see one! But I would actually advance the time to after she is married and has a child of her own. There could be flashbacks to address how she met her husband and they got married, but the story focus could be another mother-daughter conflict brings the two to terms one, but no bear angle this time. Maybe the little girl is stolen by Viking raiders after she runs away from home after an argument with her mom and all the clans work together to get her back. Her three brothers being older and marriageable age themselves (maybe they each have just married into the 3 clans) and her parents being grandparents now, could be subjects for humor.
Alan Brown
40. AlanBrown
Perhaps Merida should not marry at all, but be the queen without consort, and the aunt trying to deal with heirs to the throne who are all descended from her unruly brothers. That would put her in a position where she would understand how her mother felt raising her!
41. jhigh
I would like to see the carvings delived that were bought with the necklace and maybe the necklace had special meaning and in the search to find the witch to trade something for it, she does find true love.
tricxy ice
brave was a worth watching, i like the idea of mother and daughter relationship..Merida has a strong character, different from any other princess, which seem more remarkable. i think it's better if Merila would stay single, because that's how the story itself become more standout compared to all princess story that destine to be married in the end and live happily ever after..she must retain her throne and fight for her own strength..the story will be ruin if Merida will get married..remember what merila say's "that destiny tight's to the land but she believe that we should searching for trying..a fighr for CHANGE.

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