Mar 16 2013 6:00pm

Watch Not One, But Two New Trailers for Doctor Who

Doctor Who season 7 series 7 new trailer

The BBC and BBC America have both released separate trailers for the upcoming half-season of Doctor Who, which premieres on Saturday, March 30th.

The BBC’s is short, sweet, and SUPER CREEPY as evidenced by the planet-sized flaming skull staring down the The Doctor up above. BBC America’s trailer is longer and focuses more on the relationship between The Doctor and his new companion Oswin. (Who are may or may not be a living meme.) Watch below.

From the BBC:

To watch the BBC America trailer, head on over to Entertainment Weekly.

David Lev
2. davidlev
I'm pretty sure I spotted Warwick Davis. If so, this season will be AWESOME!
Mike Conley
3. NomadUK
Okay, so, the BBC One version is quick, subtle, well-edited, and does everything it needs to do using only the clips from the shows. The American version is overlong, treats its viewers like idiots with its insipid, condescending, and amazingly annoying voiceover, followed by utterly unnecessary reading of what is already on the screen regarding time and channel. Nothing new there.

Other than that — looks great! Should be a fun series.
Ashley Fox
4. A Fox
Mat Smith was charming on Jonathon Ross last night, worth catching the repeat.

He also gave a tantalizing clue for the 50th anniversary. Saying that it will make sense over-all and that Moff would wallop him for it: Paintings.
yo sil
5. catperson
Also can't wait for March 30th! Looks like it's going to be amazing...
Eric Saveau
7. Eric Saveau
I see the BBC have adopted the BRRRRAAAAMMMMMM! sound that's so overused in American trailers now... Oh, well; it still doesn't stop me from being absolutely giddy about the return of the Doctor!
Eric Saveau
8. Tumas-Muscat
@2. That is indeed Warwick Davis.

The trailer has definitely got me pumped up for Series 7 Part 2! You should definitely see the posters too, though. They're brilliant, especially the one for Hide; it looks like a genuine horror film poster.
yo sil
9. catperson
So....what exactly would make the Doctor afraid? And who is he telling that?
Ashley Fox
10. A Fox
I kinda suspected that was a clip from the fields of treza...treazalor (? Not Merrilor...argh you know what I mean!) Could whomever the Doc was talking to be the one who asks the question...perhaps thats why he's afraid.

Shrug. They're tall, that much seems certain ;)
Eric Saveau
11. stubbyfan
Not sure I like the idea of another series long mystery, but it looks like the effects budget took another big jump up at least. And of course we have Oswin the super hottie...

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