Mar 28 2013 7:00am

Tim Maughan’s “Paintwork” Is Now a Short Film

Last month we at reprinted two-time BSFA Award-nominated Tim Maughan’s short story “Paintwork,” a near-future tale of a graffiti artist who subverts billboard QR codes in order to create mind-blowing virtual-reality artwork. In that story 3Cube, Maughan’s protagonist, struggles to find out who is dissing his art with stunningly on-point and beautiful two-dimensional paint-overs. Now, “Paintwork” has been recreated as a short film! More information, plus the video, after the cut.

From the press release:

New Scientist’s Arc Magazine and science fiction author Tim Maughan are proud to announce the online debut of the low budget, experimental short film Paintwork. Set in near-future Bristol - the British city known internationally for spawning Banksy - it follows augmented reality graffiti artist 3Cube as she illegally transforms an all-too familiar advertising billboard into a work of high tech street art, and poses questions about the relationships between technology, advertising and the control of public spaces.

Heavily influenced by Chris Marker’s seminal 1962 film La Jetée, Paintwork blends still photography by Laurie Eagle and computer animation by Alan Tabrett with audio from two stalwarts of the Bristol music scene in the form of narration by renowned MC Koast and an exclusive soundtrack from influential dubstep producer Forsaken. Based on the title short story from Maughan’s critically acclaimed collection, Paintwork was premiered in an early form in February as part of the arts festival Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, but today sees the unveiling of the completed version.

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Paul Weimer
1. PrinceJvstin
This might be a bit too avant-garde for my taste, but I applaud the effort taken to put it together.

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