Mar 11 2013 5:00pm

This is the Ultimate Geeky Blanket

geeky blanket

Knitted by a nice person named leilaniac, this blanket seems to contain an endless amount of nerd references. From Falcor, to the TARDIS, to Thundercats, to a unicorn, this kid has the coolest blanket in the multiverse! Do you recognize everything?

[Via The Mary Sue]

David Goldfarb
1. David_Goldfarb
I don't recognize the square in R2C1. In R3C5 I recognize the Linux penguin, but not the other three symbols. I'm not sure what nerd-reference is involved in the "#" symbol.

A couple of them (R2C3 and R4C1) I needed the clearer depictions shown after following the link; and R3C3 according to the link seems to be the nephew's name in a binary code, but I wouldn't have known that otherwise.

Other than that, yes, I recognize them all.
Thomas Thatcher
2. StrongDreams
R2C1 might be a fish with teeth. Pirhana? R4C4 looks familiar but I can't place it. Why is the unicorn trampling something brown and have a bloody horn? The other symbols in R3C5 might be video games -- they look familiar but won't come to my fore-brain.
David Goldfarb
3. David_Goldfarb
I think R4C4 is a Vorlon ship coming out of a jump point.
S Cooper
4. SPC
I assume the # is just a Twitter hashtag. What is R4C1?
In R3C5 the X under the penguin looks rather like the X-men X, but I have no idea what those have to do with the dragon and the ninja.
Overall, awesome. It's giving me ideas.
5. KICK2K5
R4C1 is a knight who says "Ni", Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Is the unicorn supposed to be Charlie maybe?
6. ironekilz
I think the unicorn is a reference to The Last Unicorn.
7. Improbable Joe
I think R4C4 is Moya from Farscape, and nice to see Gonzo from the Muppets in R5C4. :)

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